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  • We’ve used this for a couple of years and loved it until recently. Now you can’t save recipes. So far, Yumprint is not responding. I just want to know at this point if they are going to fix it or we need to toss it and find another.

    Other people are reporting this under reviews.

    Yumprint, what’s up?

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  • The Website Hosting “” is down. is registered by wallmartlabs
    maybe ask there to bring the server online again.

    Same problems here. Yes it appears the plugin is attempting to send data to which is no longer online. I sent an email to however haven’t heard anything back.

    I also look through the plugin’s code to see if the plugin could be used without the 3rd party service. The JS code is difficult to read as it’s complied but I’m thinking that the 3rd party service might be required to use this plugin. If anyone figures out how to use the plugin without the 3rd party calls, let me know.

    Ok after some more development, I successfully removed the remote call on save. Here is a fork of the plugin: Hopefully Yumprint will release an update and/or fix things on there end. If not this plugin is only useable by forking and removing the remote API calls.

    Thanks for figuring out a solution Austin! But I have no idea what “forking” is and what to do with that link. Can you explain it further? Thanks!

    That means I made custom changes to the plugin since the plugin author is not supporting it. My version of the plugin will need to be installed manually. First disable and remove your existing Recipe Card plugin and replace with mine. On Github select the green (clone or download) button in the top right then “Download Zip”. Upload and activate under plugins on your website.

    Same problem here. Nice Job, Austin. Is this forked version named the same? Will it get overwritten when Recipe Card is updated? What about editing existing recipes with the new forked version? Are there any drawbacks to not connecting to the YumPrint Servers? Why did they have the calls in the first place?

    Thanks. This is great

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    I bumped the version number to prevent an autoupdate from replacing my version however if the plugin author does release an update I’d highly installing that over my modified version.

    According to the code it looked like they were passing recipes back to their server when you save. That is why the saving stopped working when their server went offline. I suspect there are other things that have stopped working. I noticed the save recipe button is no longer working as it’s attempting to use Yumprint’s server.

    I’m wondering the same thing about this plugin. I have it across different blogs as my main recipe plugin, but nothing new saves. I’ve contacted customer service but no response. šŸ™ Actually sad about this as this (was) my fave recipe plugin.

    Topman @austinginder – deleted Recipe Card plugin – downloaded yours as a zip installed it from it, added new recipe – and the old recipes reappeared! result.

    Hi Austin…I installed your forked plugin. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I’m getting an error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/recipe-card-master/yumprint-recipe.php on line 610

    Any ideas?

    Not sure as that file remained the same. That’s not an error I’m seeing. Might try and rename the folder recipe-card-master back to recipe-card.

    will do…thanks!

    Dear Austin, thank you for your fork. It’s a life saver.
    Yet, I’m getting the following error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/brwsugar/public_html/wp-content/plugins/recipe-card-master/yumprint-recipe.php on line 607

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    I’m thinking it’s having issues with older versions of PHP as I’m not seeing the issues on my end. See here: and try out the code in master branch for a fix.

    I’m seeing it in a preview of a new draft post.
    If I preview older posts – it doesn’t show.

    The thing is I can’t publish the post as it will be sent to the users.

    I’ve also tried renaming the folder in the ZIP to recipe-master and installed it like that, but didn’t work.

    I’ll have a look at your last comment. thanks.

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