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    I’m getting a number of database errors from this plugin. Here are two of the recent unique errors:

    WordPress database error Unknown column 'post_type' in 'where clause' for query SELECT wp_comments.* FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_ID = '3149' AND comment_approved = '1' AND post_type != 'ticket' ORDER BY comment_date_gmt DESC LIMIT 10 made by require('wp-blog-header.php'), wp, WP->main, WP->query_posts, WP_Query->query, WP_Query->get_posts
    It looks like wats_filter_comments_rss is appending a where clause without knowing what’s being queried. In the case of the error, we’re querying the comments table, not the posts table.

    WordPress database error Unknown column 'wp_comments.comment_date_gmt' in 'where clause' for query SELECT wp1.comment_ID FROM wp_comments AS wp1 LEFT JOIN wp_posts AS wp3 ON wp1.comment_post_id = wp3.ID WHERE ( wp1.comment_approved = '1' ) AND wp1.comment_post_ID = 39282 AND ( \n wp_comments.comment_date_gmt < '2017-01-25 22:30:12'\n) AND wp3.post_status = 'publish' AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM wp_commentmeta AS wp2 WHERE wp1.comment_ID = wp2.comment_id AND wp2.meta_key = 'wats_internal_update' AND wp2.meta_value = 1) ORDER BY wp1.comment_date_gmt DESC made by require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-includes/template-loader.php'), do_feed, do_action('do_feed_rss2'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, do_feed_rss2, load_template, require_once('wp-includes/feed-rss2-comments.php'), comment_link, get_comment_link, get_page_of_comment, WP_Comment_Query->query, WP_Comment_Query->get_comments, WP_Comment_Query->get_comment_ids
    It looks like there’s some code to replace wp_comments.comment_date_gmt with wp1.comment_date_gmt, but it’s not catching this query.

    Note: I’m using version 1.0.61 of Wats Premium.

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    Hello Mike,

    Can you please reach out to me via the official website contact form? I will be happy to provide premium support via that way.


    wpqh_users: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_users’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_usermeta: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_usermeta’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_posts: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_posts’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_comments: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_comments’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_links: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_links’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_options: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_options’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_postmeta: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_postmeta’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_terms: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_terms’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_term_taxonomy: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_term_taxonomy’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_term_relationships: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_term_relationships’ doesn’t exist
    wpqh_commentmeta: Table ‘ufshrmid_wp503.wpqh_commentmeta’ doesn’t exist

    Even after repairing frm PHPadmin still error is coming

    Plugin Author firebird75



    Sorry but your error has nothing to do with WATS… This is a vanilla WordPress issue that you are having with your DB. Please open a new topic with WP general support forum to get assistance from the community. There is nothing I can do in WATS to fix your problem.

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