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  • This is an awesome plugin, you have done great Job on this plugin. is there a ways to add drop down box,check box etc? Why optional 3 fields do not show up on ticket? Is there a way to ticket submission on same page instead of going out to to 2 different pages? currently have to go 2 different pages ticket submission and ticket detail view.

    Is it possible to print tickets?
    Is it possible to assign ticket to different person?
    Is is possible to make it private to no one can see submitted tickets? currently once you submit ticket you get link and anyone can view that which i do not want?
    Is it possible to add alert when new ticket is open- may be like 2 new tickets are open show right where tab is currently saying new tickets, same thing goes for open ticket and my ticket. because right now there is noway to see if new ticket open until you click on tab.
    Is it possible to add date and time when notes,answer,suggestion are added?
    Is there a way to keep history log so say once ticket was entered and problem field was altered it will show up on log – other words audit trail?
    Is it possible when email are sent for new open ticket it sends ticket information instead of custom text? like problem, name and subject, when tickets are closed in email it should have all information like notes, etc

    Please let me know i really appreciate.

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author en0x


    Thanks for the kind words.
    1) drop downs, checkboxes… where?
    2) if the names for the optional field are blank, they won’t show up
    3) nope
    4) it is possible, but only the accounts with admit rights can assign tickets to other accounts
    5) this is a good idea! i will implement it, when i find the time for it.
    6) i do not know something about desktop notifications right now.
    7) i think this is useful too. if it doesn’t cost too much time i will integrate it in the next update.
    8) mhh this is to complex
    9) useful as well, i’m going to work on it.

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