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    Just trying out coblocks and I find the color of links, headers and paragraphs in widgets all break by changing to color: inherit. (I added a row, with my widget in a column, so the css selector that’s hitting is eg. .wp-block-coblocks-column a)

    I can see that may be useful if I selected a color for the row or column under the block Color Settings, but it seems to be a bad default value, and there is no way to fix it (short of updating my widget’s css). Probably better would be to not change colors by default, only if a color is actually selected under Color Settings, and make the “Clear” button under Color Settings revert back to default color (eg. allow the theme to style things as normal).


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  • Plugin Author Rich Tabor


    Hey @jnorell, that’s something we’re actively tracking and working on right now. Here’s the pull request on GitHub if you’re into that.

    The main reason we’ve used it is because of how TwentyNineteen (and others) have auto-set colors based on other color choices. What was happening is that colors were not being properly applied on the front-end. I believe that issue was resolved in TwentyNineteen in particular, but I need to test more before pushing that update.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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