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CoBlocks is the most innovative collection of page building WordPress blocks for the new Gutenberg WordPress block editor.

With additional blocks and true row and column building, CoBlocks gives you a true page builder experience for Gutenberg.

CoBlocks is powerful but lightweight: it adds functionality to the WordPress editor without bloat. This is the plugin you’ve been waiting for, and it will make you rethink what WordPress is capable of.

See for yourself

Make beautiful web pages with Gutenberg, and CoBlocks

CoBlocks is the last page builder you’ll ever need: you get a winning mix of additional WordPress blocks, and page builder functionality. With CoBlocks you have everything you need to make beautiful web pages with the new block editor:

  • Accordion Block
  • Alert Block
  • Author Profile Block
  • Buttons Block
  • Carousel Gallery Block (New!)
  • Click to Tweet Block
  • Dynamic Separator Block
  • Features Block
  • Food & Drinks Block (New!)
  • Form Block (New!)
  • Gif Block
  • GitHub Gist Block
  • Hero Block
  • Highlight Block
  • Icon Block
  • Map Block
  • Masonry Gallery Block (New!)
  • Media Card Block
  • Pricing Table Block
  • Resizable Row/Columns Blocks
  • Shape Divider Block
  • Social Sharing Block
  • Stacked Gallery Block (New!)

And we’re adding new Gutenberg blocks all the time!

Breakthrough Page Builder System

CoBlocks features an innovative block system that allows you to create stunning web pages, and even entire websites, with the new WordPress editor.

You get the extra blocks you need and the layout and design functionality for a true page builder experience.

Use the exceptional Row and Columns blocks to add dynamically generated content areas with specific responsive margin and padding settings that only CoBlocks provides.

Style these with innovative new blocks such as the Shape Divider, which lets you split up your content with beautiful dividers.

Each of the WordPress blocks within CoBlocks have been precisely fined tuned to offer a familiar, yet powerful, customization experience. Tailor each block to your taste using our custom controls and settings. Change fonts, set margin and padding, pick colors and more.

Custom Typography Controls

The breakthrough Typography Control Panel within CoBlocks lets you design web pages with alluring typographic elements. Set fonts, sizes, weights, transformations and more, in our CoBlocks blocks, and in core WordPress blocks.

Going beyond Gutenberg blocks

The vision for CoBlocks is to create a suite of Gutenberg blocks to help folks make beautiful websites easily. These newest releases of CoBlocks is the ultimate expression of that vision.

Join us in welcoming the future of WordPress blocks:

Built with developers in mind

Extensible, adaptable, and open source — CoBlocks is created with theme and plugin developers in mind. If you’re intersted to jump in the project, there are opportunities for developers at all levels to get involved. Contribute to CoBlocks on GitHub and join the party. 🎉


  • Make beautiful websites with CoBlocks
  • Build modular grid systems with the CoBlocks Row and Columns blocks
  • Drag to resize and then nest CoBlocks Row blocks
  • Design with the CoBlocks Typography Control Panel
  • Add CoBlocks core blocks to pages


This plugin provides 5 blocks.



  1. Upload the coblocks folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory or alternatively upload the file via the plugin page of WordPress by clicking ‘Add New’ and selecting the zip from your computer.
  2. Install and activate the Gutenberg WordPress plugin.
  3. Activate the CoBlocks WordPress plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Use CoBlocks blocks on your next page or post.


Is CoBlocks free?

Yes! CoBlock’s core features are absolutely free.

How do I start using Gutenberg?

To get the full experience of the next-generation WordPress block editor, it helps to have a properly Gutenberg-optizied WordPress theme, like this one. Then install either WordPress 5.0+, or the offical Gutenberg WordPress plugin.

How do I use my first CoBlocks Gutenberg blocks?

CoBlocks adds its Gutenberg blocks to the new WordPress editor, so you can use them exactly how you would any other WordPress blocks. Once the plugin is installed, create or edit a WordPress page or post, add a new block using the plus icon, and you’ll find all of CoBlocks’ WordPress blocks available.

What WordPress themes work with CoBlocks?

Any properly developed WordPress theme will work with CoBlocks, though if you’re looking for an exceptional theme, check out Tabor.

Developers can also apply minor style touch-ups to their themes if necessary. If you’re a developer and you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Where can I get help?

Please reach out via the contact form at the bottom right of our website.


June 16, 2019
I am very satisfied. The plugin is perfectly integrated with Gutemberg and complete enough for my needs.
May 10, 2019
I've spent a lot of time in recent years using and testing plugins. It started when I revisited WordPress after a break of more than 10 years! Remember Kubrick in WordPress 1.5? I was there, tinkering away, before life pulled me in another direction. I came back to WordPress looking for a quick, simple and easy way to start a blog, but couldn't help looking under the hood! I'm an engineer, why wouldn't I? It's changed, of course, and it's better, much better. So I was hooked. The principles behind Kubrick, now known as 'Default' on the WP repository, are what I came looking for - simplicity, clean, minimal design, yet deceptively powerful. I was looking for something that gets the job done elegantly and without any fuss. Instead I was initially bombarded with the word "Multipurpose" - the implied sentiment being that "you can build anything with this even if you're the most stupid person in the world - all you have to do is pay"! Themes, plugins and services all after cash, but with inadequate descriptions and with demos which promise big but the delivered theme simply won't adapt to your real-world requirements without sometimes days of reconfiguration. Applications were either seductively elegant but lacking, or ugly and cumbersome yet powerful. In the global, media savvy marketing world, substance has very little value, so it was proving difficult to find themes or plugins which were written to the highest standards, were adaptable, and which had a logical balance between form and function. Then I came across Rich Tabor of Themebeans, as was, the author/co-author of this plugin. He writes clean code. He writes clean, well thought-out themes. He writes beautiful projects which successfully run the tightrope of function and aesthetics, and CoBlocks is no exception. It combines all that was Gutenberg and is now the Block Editor. Gutenberg was about thinking again, about overlaying what we know now on what we knew, to discover something new. Rich was the first developer I came across who wholeheartedly embraced the Gutenberg project and made it sing, and he continues to do so. CoBlocks elegantly provides and enhances what you need as a blog author and fills in some of the gaps. From what I've seen so far, the continued steady and considered development of this editor plugin, means that in months to come, users will enjoy the pinnacle of what is achievable with the Block Editor. There are many other editor plugins out there, with far more options than CoBlocks offers. I have trialled them all, styled them, tweaked them, and then ended up deleting them. I try them again, a few weeks later, only to delete them again! Almost every block in other plugins feels rushed. Indeed, there is a race at present to add functionality to the editor, but every developer knows, you can't beat time. Usability takes time. Design takes time. Testing takes time, but with other plugins of this kind, it feels like the user is the testing platform. There are frequent updates which add more nearly-finished blocks and don't seem to add any polish to what already exists. It's a block count fest and I guess that's a part of the territory of open-source. Nevertheless, it remains the case, as I found only yesterday, that many of the blocks in most of the other similar plugins need work, regardless of the theme. I always seem to have to finish them with, for example, some padding or margin to align elements or text within a block. And conflicts with other plugins? Yes. Not so with CoBlocks! Like Kubrick, CoBlocks starts from the beginning. This plugin utilises and enhances what is already there and adds a little more. Major additions are beautifully designed and executed, and work perfectly, such as the Page Divider block. CoBlocks adds what you don't at first notice, but end-up needing. Select a paragraph and you'll find a drop-down for typography and spacing. There's a Dynamic HR separator block which adds adjustable spacing. Well presented and seamlessly integrated. Understated yet powerful and very, very useful. Rich Tabor has inspired me, after all these years, to get involved again. I'm following his GitHub projects, cloning my own and learning SASS. I would highly recommend that you at least try CoBlocks. It won't light-up you admin or make your editor look any different, but leave it activated and carry on writing for a few weeks. Then deactivate it and try the writing experience without it. You'll soon activate it again! For me, it's become an integral part of any theme I'm working on and of my own blog, to the extent that I almost regard it as core. If you're a budding developer, I recommend you take a look at his work. If you're a user, I would urge you to try everything he has to offer. An excellent project which exemplifies how WordPress development should be done.
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  • Fix: Resolve duplicate registered block issue


  • New: Support for Gutenberg 6.0 🎊
  • New: Add new Food & Drinks block for restaurants and eateries to create menus with
  • New: Add support for individual gallery links for images [Stacked and Masonry blocks]
  • New: Add support for opening gallery links in a new tab [Stacked and Masonry blocks]
  • New: Add new category in the block inserter for gallery blocks
  • New: Add filter to nest Getting Started page in an admin parent menu
  • New: Add support for double-clicking a rendered map to bring up the location editor [Map block]
  • Tweak: Improve Gallery Block Icons
  • Tweak: Rename the “Social” block to the “Share” block [Share block]
  • Tweak: Update Facebook icon to new brand guidelines [Share block]
  • Tweak: Improved Row Block selected state in older versions of Gutenberg
  • Fix: Resole duplicate Google map script enqueued in editor [Map block]


  • New: Add easy mode to the Google Map block without an API key requirement
  • New: Add reCAPCHTA support to the Form block
  • New: Add admin color scheme support for UI elements within CoBlocks
  • New: Add image reordering to gallery blocks
  • New: Add new “Circular” style to the Social block
  • New: Add official support for Gutenberg 5.8 🎊
  • Tweak: Clean up SASS variables
  • Tweak: Remove block mover from the Media Card block
  • Fix: Resolve Pricing Table outlines issue in Gutenberg 5.7+
  • Fix: Resolve Hero block layout issue
  • Fix: Resolve “normal” text transform issue within the editor


  • Fix: Resolve issue with missing Gutenberg component


  • New: Add new Form block 🎉
  • New: Add new Masonry gallery block 🎉
  • New: Add new Stacked gallery block 🎉
  • New: Add new Carousel gallery block 🎉
  • New: Add official support for Gutenberg 5.7 🎊
  • Tweak: Respect prefers-reduced-motion for fixed backgrounds
  • Tweak: Adjust Row block UI for WordPress 5.2/Gutenberg 5.7
  • Tweak: Check if Google Maps API Key is saved before calling
  • Tweak: Add a button to remove the saved Google Maps API key
  • Tweak: Update the Gist block UI for Gutenberg 5.7
  • Tweak: Switch build tasks to use Grunt instead of Gulp
  • Fix: Prevent redirection in WP-CLI and show log message for those users
  • Fix: Video background + background opacity now works properly on the Row block
  • Fix: Resolve issue where fullscreen + video bgs did not play well together
  • Fix: Resolve Shape Divider block color palette UI issue for Gutenberg 5.6
  • Fix: Adjust Media Card resizable UI for WordPress 5.2/Gutenberg 5.6
  • Fix: Resolve issue where a custom background color applied to a Button block filled the entire block content area
  • Fix: Add check for post before attempting to retrieve post meta


  • Fix: Add proper escaping method for the Map block API key


  • New: Add official support for Gutenberg 5.4 and the upcoming WordPress 5.2 release 🎊
  • New: Add new Hero block 🎉
  • New: Add new Buttons block for displaying up to four buttons side by side 🎉
  • New: Add support for video backgrounds in all blocks
  • New: Add three new button styles to the core Button block: Circular, Shadow and 3D
  • New: Add 25 new icons to the Icon block
  • New: Add a new “Getting Started with CoBlocks” admin page with video guides
  • New: Add support for Gutenberg 5.2+ Focal Point pickers for background images
  • New: Add support for the Heebo Google font
  • New: Add new “None” style for the core List block
  • New: Add new Row block inserters for an improved experience using rows and columns
  • New: Add responsiveness to the CoBlocks margin and padding utility classes
  • New: Add third-party support for the CoBlocks Typography Control Panel
  • New: Add support for Ubunto in the Typography Control Panel
  • Tweak: Improve the background image controls within Background Settings panels
  • Tweak: Add a new button within the Background Settings panel to remove applied media
  • Tweak: Improve the third Pricing Table Item block positioning for wide and full alignments
  • Tweak: Update background media toolbar controls for improved UX
  • Tweak: Remove custom formatting, as Gutenberg 5.3 aand WordPress 5.2 includes one
  • Tweak: Admin feedback notice now redirects to the admin plugins page
  • Tweak: Improve the icon for the “Uppercase” format
  • Tweak: Adjust the custom icon color for CoBlocks blocks
  • Tweak: Use has_block() to determine whether a $post contains a specific block
  • Tweak: Background opacity value now goes from 0-100%
  • Tweak: Shape Divider block now uses min-Height, instead of Height
  • Fix: Resolve issue where the custom class would not show up in the editor for the Row block
  • Fix: Click to Tweet block styles now properly render inside of Row/Column blocks
  • Fix: Media Card block now properly renders in Edge
  • Fix: Features block toolbar now renders properly when selected
  • Fix: Resolve issue where a single column Row block would not allow background images
  • Fix: Resolve display issue of the Map block style selector in Gutenberg 5.3+


  • Fix: Add hot fix to resolve the core inserter conflict on empty paragraph blocks


  • New: Disable any block (CoBlocks, core and other third-party blocks) with the new CoBlocks Block Manager 🎉
  • New: Add official support for Gutenberg 5.0 and the upcoming WordPress 5.1 release 🎊
  • Tweak: Update keywords for the Google Map block
  • Fix: Google Map block help links now properly resolve


  • New: Add Features block for adding up to three columns of features/services 🎉
  • New: Add Icon block for searching and adding outline or filled styled icons 🎉
  • New: Add Shape Divider block with eight styles for to visually distinquish page sections 🎉
  • New: Add responsive controls to the Shape divider so folks can drag and resize on mobile, tablet and desktop views
  • New: Add ability to apply text colors to the core List block
  • New: Add “Checkbox” style to the core List block
  • New: Add text formatting toolbar control
  • Tweak: The coBlocksSpacing feature now auto-toggles based on a Shape Divider block
  • Tweak: Padding it auto-applied when a Row block has a background color, or image, assigned
  • Tweak: Updated keywords for the Row block
  • Tweak: Improved the reponsive nature of the Row block within the editor


  • New: Add Media Card block for showcasing videos and imagery with an overlaid card 🎉
  • New: Add new advanced controls for turning off block margins
  • New: Add typography controls to the Accordion block
  • New: Add support for responsive Row blocks within the editor
  • New: Add a new toggle control with support for Internet Explorer accordions via polyfill
  • New: Add new accordions items with duplicated styling using the new “Add Accordion Item” button
  • Tweak: Row block gutters not properly execute on mobile
  • Tweak: Typography line height control now uses 0.01 steps for more flexibility.
  • Tweak: Click to Tweet Block uses rel=“noopener” now
  • Tweak: Buttons added to the a pricing table do not inherit custom fonts
  • Tweak: Update the Typography Panel icon
  • Tweak: Update the Uppercase formatting icon
  • Tweak: Move the “Stack on Mobile” control within the Row block to its Advanced sidebar panel
  • Tweak: Background color setting from the core Heading block
  • Tweak: Improve the UI of the Click to Tweet toolbar username field
  • Tweak: Change the data-custom-fontfamily attribute to data-coblocks-font within the editor
  • Fix: Pricing Table blocks with four tables look better
  • Fix: Custom background colors within the Highlight block now properly resolve
  • Fix: Single column Row blocks now display properly
  • Fix: Remove the Accordion Item focus applies within the editor
  • Fix: Border radius applied to an Accordion Item block is now properly styled
  • Fix: Resolve issue where advanced dimension control setting would not properly reset
  • Fix: Remove the vertical column resizer in the Row block on mobile
  • Fix: Row blocks added to Accordion Item blocks now properly display fullwidth
  • Fix: Removed additional spacing on the Pricing Table block
  • Fix: Resolve issue where custom font selections may be overwritten by the CoBlocks theme
  • Fix: Dropzone labels within CoBlocks themes are now properly sized
  • Fix: Resolve issue where the Map block may not properly render on the front-end
  • Fix: Resolve issue where paragraph blocks with backgrounds did not have appropriate padding within Column blocks
  • Fix: Resolve issue where custom text colors would not properly resolve within Row blocks in TwentyNineteen


  • New: Add Map block with six built-in map styles, zoom, controls and marker size options 🎉
  • New: Add support for em units on Advanced dimensions controls
  • New: Add new two column sidbar layouts (66%/33%) and (33%/66%) to the Row block
  • New: Add “Huge” option for the Row block gutter
  • New: Add :accordion text prefixes for faster block creation, where the number of “:” represents the number of accordion items
  • Tweak: Add descritive help text to the Row block “Stack on mobile” control
  • Tweak: Move the Row block “Stack on mobile” control to the block’s Advanced panel
  • Tweak: Replace the Accordion and Accordion Item block icons with more identifying iconography
  • Fix: Transforming paragrahs to/from highlights now properly transform child elements
  • Fix: Row block width percentage tooltip now displays properly, regardless of the current browser
  • Fix: Nested Accordion blocks are now properly positioned
  • Fix: Fullwidth rows in the core TwentyNineteen theme now display better


  • New: Add drag and resizable Row and Columns blocks with support for dynamic layouts
  • New: Add controls to the Row and Columns blocks for adjusting margin and padding
  • New: Add responsive media query controls to the Row and Columns blocks
  • New: Add :row text prefixs for faster block creation, where the number of “:” represents the number of columns
  • New: Adjust row layouts from the row toolbar or inspector sidebar panel
  • New: Add support for Google fonts!
  • New: Add Typography Control Panel for selecting custom Google fonts
  • New: Add line-height controls to the Typography Control Panel
  • New: Add letter-spacing controls to the Typography Control Panel
  • New: Add support for customizing fonts of core heading, paragraph, and button blocks
  • New: Add support for conditional font weights from Google fonts
  • New: Add new .has-{size}-margin and .has-{size}-padding utility classes for the Dimensions controls
  • New: Add support for the WP 5.0+ wp_set_script_translations() function
  • New: Add new uppercase formatting control for making text all caps
  • New: Add custom background color support to core Heading blocks
  • New: Add custom text color support to core Heading blocks
  • Tweak: Add CoBlocks color to icons for improved recognition and visibility between similarly named blocks
  • Tweak: Pricing table now using standard background color and text color attributes
  • Tweak: Accordion block now supports to following blocks: Alert, Social, Highlight, Row, Column, List, Heading and Button
  • Tweak: Use the MediaUploadCheck component to make sure the current user has upload permissions
  • Tweak: Remove the background image overlay style and use the current background color as the overlay color


  • Fix: Resolve isSelected styles issue with the Dynamic HR block


  • New: Add support for column blocks to the Accordion Item
  • Fix: Resolve editor conflict when changing social block styles


  • Tweak: Remove check for Gutenberg


  • New: Refactor Accordion Item block to enable adding images, lists, headings and buttons
  • New: Add support for custom text/icon colors in the Social block
  • New: Add caption support to the Gist block
  • New: Refactor Gif block based on the core Image block
  • New: Add caption support to the Gif block
  • New: Add translation strings in /languages/coblocks.pot
  • New: Add support for the WP 5.0 wp_set_script_translations() function
  • New: Add coblocks-translations.php for referencing PHP translatable strings
  • New: Add “:alert” prefix transform for launching the Alert block
  • New: Add “:accordion” prefix transform for launching the Accordion block
  • New: Add “:author” prefix transform for launching the Author block
  • New: Add “:pricing” prefix transform for launching the Pricing block
  • New: Add “:author” prefix transform for launching the Author block
  • New: Add “:gist” prefix transform for launching the Gist block
  • Tweak: Remove unnessary padding from Highlight block
  • Tweak: Add help text to the Accordion item Display Open toggle
  • Tweak: Improve styling of social block for wider theme compatibility
  • Tweak: Improve pricing table structure within the editor and on the frontend
  • Tweak: Improve UI of the Author block within the editor
  • Tweak: Center the Gif Block loading spinner
  • Fix: Setting the social button radius to zero actually works now
  • Fix: Remove Gutenberg installation notice for WordPress 5.0
  • Fix: Pricing Table column selection now properly functions


  • New: Gutenberg 4.5 compatibility! 🎊


  • New: Gutenberg 4.4 compatibility! 🎊
  • New: Add ContrastChecker to Alert block
  • New: Add four new styles to the Social block
  • New: Add size, style and border radius options for the Social block
  • New: Add option to use social media colors on the Social block
  • New: Add Reddit share option to the Social block
  • New: Add Email share option to the Social block
  • New: Add Google Plus share option to the Social block
  • Tweak: Add ContrastChecker to the Social block
  • Tweak: Improve Gist block styling
  • Tweak: Add proper help text for the Gist block meta toggle
  • Tweak: Adjust inner blocks appender on Accordion block
  • Tweak: Improve Pricing Table item rendering within the editor and on the frontend
  • Tweak: Clean up editor styling for Dynamic HR block
  • Tweak: Clean editor styling for easier theme overrides
  • Tweak: Adjust Alert block colors
  • Fix: Click to Tweet transforms function properly
  • Fix: Dynamic HR transforms


  • New: Gutenberg 4.2 compatibility! 🎊
  • New: Accordion block now uses InnerBlocks to generate multiple items
  • New: Add font size controls to the Highlight block
  • Tweak: Improved font size controls for the Click to Tweet block
  • Tweak: Add InnerBlocks button block support to the Author block
  • Tweak: Add InnerBlocks button block support to the Pricing Table block
  • Tweak: Add CoBlocks icon to the block category
  • Tweak: Improve block category registration
  • Tweak: Improve how blocks are registered


  • New: Gutenberg 4.0 compatibility! 🎊
  • Fix: Resolve missing resize handles for the Dynamic HR and Gif blocks
  • Fix: Resolve attribute source 4.0+ issue for the Author, Alert, and Accordion blocks
  • Tweak: Resolve line-height issue on the Pricing Table block buttons


  • New: Gutenberg 3.9 compatibility! 🎊
  • Fix: Resolve attribute issue with italized strings in the Accordion block
  • Fix: Resolve Pricing Table block display issue in Gutenberg 3.9


  • Fix: Click to Tweet display bug on the unified toolbar
  • Fix: The Dynamic Separator is now editable when the unified toolbar is enabled
  • Tweak: Add proper RichText.isEmpty checks
  • Tweak: Add better defaults for the Alert block


  • New: Refactor Pricing Table block
  • New: Add Pricing Table Item child-block
  • New: Now add up to four pricing tables
  • Fix: Resolve Pricing Table block line height bug
  • Fix: Resolve left/right/center alignment bug in the Gif block
  • Fix: Resolve issue where the unified toolbar displayed some controls oddly
  • Tweak: Update icons to reflect Gutenberg’s updated UI
  • Tweak: Update Pricing Table block icons to better represent each button URL field
  • Tweak: Resolve deprecated .value prop in color objects (for Gutenberg 3.9+)
  • Tweak: Update getColorClass to getColorClassName


  • New: Add transforms for improved copy/pasting of CoBlocks blocks
  • New: Add support for color classes in the Dynamic HR block
  • New: Add DropZone support for uploading the avatar within the Author block
  • Fix: Click to Tweet transforms now properly set
  • Tweak: Improve splitBlock functionality for an improved UX with the Highlight block
  • Tweak: Move Dynamic HR block style option to use the Gutenberg styles UI


  • New: Add a notice to install or activate the companion CoBlocks WordPress theme
  • New: Add a feedback request to display after a week


  • New: Gutenberg 3.6.2 compatibility! 🎊
  • New: Add a “Delete Gif” control to the Gif block
  • New: Refactor the Alert block
  • Tweak: Adjust UI for Gutenberg 3.6+
  • Tweak: Update block icons to fit in better with the new icons in core Gutenberg
  • Tweak: Fix the Dynamic HR block rendering to resemble the core spacer block


  • Fix: Resolve an issue where the Author block would throw an error when the button is clicked


  • New: Gutenberg 3.5 compatibility! 🎊
  • Tweak: UI fix for the Gif block to support Gutenberg 3.5
  • Tweak: Minor style fixes for the Gif Block wide and full alignments


  • New: Gutenberg 3.4 compatibility! 🎊
  • New: Add support for translations
  • Fix: Update Gif block UI for the latest ResizableBox capabilities
  • Tweak: Move CoBlocks blocks into a separate block category
  • Tweak: Add support for color classes to the Alert and Highlight blocks
  • Tweak: Add a new “type” attribute for the Alert block
  • Tweak: Update blocks to use the new PanelColorSettings component
  • Tweak Use the RichText.Content component for the Author block
  • Tweak: Add a “Remove Image” button for the Author block


  • New: Gutenberg 3.1.1 compatibility! 🎊
  • New: Add getColorClass support to the Pricing Table block
  • New: Add ContrastChecker support to the Pricing Table block
  • New: Add withFallbackStyles support to the Pricing Table block
  • Tweak: Add proper left/right/center alignment option for the Pricing Table block
  • Tweak: Implement RichText.Content front-end rendering within the Pricing Table block
  • Tweak: Set withColors for Gutenberg 3.1.0+ support
  • Tweak: Resolve Pricing Table block Inspector Panel typo
  • Tweak: Update the Pricing Table block UI for a more streamlined editing experience


  • New: Add Highlight block 🎉
  • New: Add wide alignment support for the GitHub Gist block
  • New: Add support to the GitHub Gist block
  • Tweak: Add a check for #file in the GitHub Gist block + store the file name properly if it’s found
  • Tweak: Implement color classes for the Click to Tweet block
  • Fix: Set a max width for the Click to Tweet block’s empty button placeholder


  • New: Gutenberg 3.0 compatibility! 🎊
  • Tweak: Add a gist file TextControl block control
  • Tweak: Add default value to the buttonText attribute of the Author block
  • Tweak: Adjust the Dynamic Separator block resize handlers, which changed in Gutenberg 3.0
  • Fix: Assign proper src for custom block SVG icons per Gutenberg 3.0
  • Fix: Center Author block avatar uploader placeholder SVG
  • Fix: Check if isSelected before showing the alert block title


  • New: Gutenberg 2.9 compatibility! 🎊
  • Tweak: Improve UI of the Accordion block component toolbar
  • Tweak: Improve UI of the Pricing Table button links
  • Tweak: Improve UI of the Author block
  • Tweak: Ensure box shadow and text-decoration do not affect social icons


  • New: Gutenberg 2.8 compatibility! 🎊
  • Tweak: Change the name of the Dynamic HR block to Dynamic Separator
  • Tweak: Modify the edit component of the Dynamic Separator to resemble the core Spacer block
  • Tweak: Change the Dynamic Separator’s height range control to a number input
  • Fix: Adjust the pricing table button markup to match the core Button block for Gutenberg 2.8
  • Fix: Remove custom color function for the Alert block
  • Fix: Remove the Spacer block as Gutenberg 2.8+ now has a Spacer block
  • Fix: Resolve alert text editor error


  • New: Add Pricing Table block 🎉


  • New: Add Author block 🎉
  • New: Add Click to Tweet block 🎉
  • Tweak: Adjust focus style for the Accordion block


  • New: Add GitHub Gist block 🎉


  • Fix: Remove wp-edit-blocks front-end dependency


  • New: Add focus style for the Accordion block
  • Tweak: Adjust font size for the Alert block title
  • Fix: Alert block text color issue


  • New: Accordion block 🎉
  • New: Add block transforms for the Alert, Spacer, and Dynamic HR blocks
  • New: Refactor Alert block
  • Tweak: a content check before rendering the Alert block
  • Tweak: Rename “Separator (Dynamic)” block to “Dynamic HR”
  • Tweak: Update Alert block icon
  • Tweak: Update Gif block category to “common”


  • Initial release on Enjoy!