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  • Angelo_De_Lorenzo


    I’m creating a rugby league.
    On the player’s performance I created the variables “t” (goals made) and “ms” (goals conceded).
    On event results I created an offensive bonus called “bo” and a defensive bonus called “bd”.
    With the “bo” I have no problems, I set the equation t >= 4.
    So if a team scores 4 or more goals it takes 1 offensive bonus.
    On “bd” if the team with less goals has scored only one goal less than the other team the losing team must take 1 defensive bonus.
    I set the following equation, (ms – t) = 1.
    This doesn’t work because in the results of the event on “bd” I always find 0.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Am I misinterpreting the sign “=” ?

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  • Plugin Support Roch



    Thanks for reaching out!

    Let’s translate this rule into a conditional logic. Breaking it into pieces:

    “If the team with less goals”
    So we need a conditional check: ( ms > t )
    Or if this team has more goals awarded than made

    ” has scored only one goal less than the other team”
    This is almost like you wrote: ( (t – ms) = 1 )
    Otherwise, it’ll always be negative one or less

    “the losing team must take 1 defensive bonus”
    Now we just glue it all together:
    bd = ( ms > t ) * ( (t – ms) = 1 )

    Let’s try this and let us know how it works for you.




    Unfortunately I always get zero as a result of the BD.
    In the event I set:
    Team1 4t and 3ms
    Team2 3t and 4ms

    The result:
    Team1: BO = 1, BD = 0.
    Team2: BO = 0, BD = 0.

    I specify that I am using the free version 2.6.20

    Checking on modules/sportspress-conditional-equations.php on line 80 I see that it does not handle the operation suggested by you (as it did not manage the one I created).


    // Find all parentheses with conditional operators
    $re = '/([^[\(|\)]*[<=>][^[\(|\)]*)/';
    if ( preg_match_all( $re, $equation, $matches ) ) {
    foreach ( $matches[1] as $match ) {


    In this way it sees only the first equation ms>t, it does not handle the second operation.

    Here you can see the evidence more clearly:

    Plugin Contributor Savvas


    Hi @angelo_de_lorenzo ,

    Maybe the double () confuses the “system”. Can you try to create a variable like the following:
    var = t – ms
    and then use something like:
    bd = ( ms > t ) * ( var == 1 )


    Plugin Support Roch


    Hi Angelo!

    Another option is debugging each individual component. For example, set
    bd = ms > t

    Check if it’s one for losing team. Then
    bd = ( (t – ms) = 1 )
    or the var version Savvas suggested, this shows if the last part is correct.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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