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  • Captcha is a BASIC feature that we should expect in a plugin using front end forms.
    And the multiple forms feature is also a basic one.

    Without them, it makes such a plugin useless, even if it would contain thousands of other optionnal features.

    Concerning the “multiple forms” feature, there was a time where we could read on GitHub :
    “This was going to be a premium add-on but I plan to incorporate it into the core plugin soon so just ignore any license settings.”
    Unfortunately it has been added in the core of the paid plugin…

    Really sorry this plugin took this way. 🙁
    I will take another one…
    Good bye !

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  • Plugin Author Raiber Cristian


    @zendik77 – I’m really sorry to hear our plugin doesn’t suit your needs.

    This plugin was transferred over from the previous owner to us a while back. That GitHube message was from his repository. We have a different strategy for this plugin. As part of the ownership transfer, Chris, the former plugin owner, didn’t request for us to follow his same future strategy. We did the best we could to make sure we have a balance between profitability and free features.

    Since we’ve acquired ST, we’ve released a number of updates, fixed a bunch of bugs as well as extended the plugin even further. All of this was done with paid employees.

    I don’t want to get into a debate of right or wrong here, I just wanted to point out that this plugin is now owned by a small company where we really do try to do our best possible work and offer free support on the forums.

    Having paid-for products is, unfortunately, a need or otherwise we wouldn’t be able to hire (and pay!) people.

    We’ll consider adding CAPTCHA back as a free feature sometime down the road. Right now, as I previously mentioned in another support thread, maintaing compat with 3rd party CAPTCHA services/providers was proving to be a big pain point for us. Moving it to a paid extension allowed us to maintain control over what gets added and where without having to jump through hoops.

    TL;DR – thanks for taking the time to leave a review here and I’m happy to see that you’ve also found your answer in this thread here:


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