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Strong Testimonials

Collect and display testimonials with a plugin that offers strong features and strong support.

Strong Testimonials by WP Mission is a full-featured plugin that works right out of the box for beginners and offers advanced features for pros.


  1. Categories, excerpts, and Featured Images (thumbnails) are supported.
  2. Multiple sorting options, pagination, and slideshows.
  3. A testimonial submission form with customizable fields, anti-spam options, and a notification email.
  4. Shortcodes, widgets, and template files.
  5. A deep and wide demo site and a developer who's on your side.

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[strong form]

Right out of the box, the testimonial submission form has fields for a name, an email address, a company name and website, a heading, a photo, and of course the testimonial content.

Need to add a field? Want to remove one? No problem. Use the fields editor to customize the form to your specific situation, including the field order, the text before or after, the placeholder text, and required fields.

The form also offer anti-spam options like honeypots and Captcha via these plugins: Captcha, Really Simple Captcha, and Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha. The form messages for the required fields, the success and error messages, and even the Submit button are customizable too. It's pretty cool.


Testimonials are a custom post type that uses the standard post editor, so no new UI to learn there. Just like posts, they can be organized into categories for easy segmentation. Categories are by far the best way to show the right testimonials on the right page and to spread them out across the breadth of your site.

Submitted testimonials will be in Pending status by default or they can be published immediately. You can send a notification email to the site administrator (or any email address) with submission details.


[strong title thumbnail]

Show the newest first, the oldest first or in random order. Drag and drop them into a new order in the admin list.

Show one, ten or all of them. Show the full testimonial, the excerpt, or up to a specified length - which is great when you have both long and short testimonials.

With the excerpt and short version options, you can add a "Read more" link to the full testimonial, which works well when you have long testimonials that really tell a story and when you have prospects that do their due diligence and read every word on your site.

When you have more than ten or so testimonials, a popular approach is to paginate them, only showing 5-10 per page. The plugin offers simple page controls (1 2 3 ...) that can be placed above and below the testimonial group.


[strong slideshow]

A well-thought-out slideshow can be a great selling aide and looks great on an otherwise static page or sidebar without being distracting. Use the Excerpt feature to craft quick and simple one-liners that tell prospects exactly what they need to hear from your previous customers. Really make it sing with the Featured Image.

Both the shortcode and the widget can be a slideshow. Multiple slideshows can be used on the same page by a shortcode or widget with different styles and speeds. (Can other testimonial plugins say that?)


Testimonial plugins typically offer either no styling at all or a handful of predefined layouts that may or may not look good in your theme.

Strong Testimonials offers one layout for the shortcode and one for the widget inherited from the original version (GC Testimonials) that is just generic enough to look good in most cases with maybe a few tweaks (I always remove the gradient gray background).

Its stylesheets are largely structural and can be easily overridden by your theme or a plugin like Simple Custom CSS. You can also skip loading each stylesheet (page, widget, form) and let your theme handle it from the ground up.

Need help matching your theme? Got some weird spacing or floating? I'm here to help.

For ultimate control and seamless integration with your theme, the plugin also offers template files. (Tutorial coming soon.)

One shortcode to rule them all.

The [strong] shortcode is unique and versatile. Most attributes act as on/off switches. For example, [strong title random] means "show testimonials and their title in random order".

Other shortcode examples:

[strong title category="3" count="20" per_page="5"]
    [field name="client_name" class="name"]
[strong slideshow show_for="5" effect_for="1" length="200"]
[strong thumbnail random excerpt more_post more_text="more..."
 count="3" class="three-across"]

Learning a new plugin, especially one that makes heavy use of shortcodes, can seem like learning Klingon. If you have any trouble, take it one bite at a time with the demo site as your guide. By all means, use the support forum for help or contact me directly. You will be fluent soon!


The plugin includes a POT file and Arabic, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish translations. It is currently undergoing testing by the generous folks at WPML who will recommend how to make it WPML-compatible.


As a technical support veteran, I am dedicated to your success. I will move mountains to fix bugs, to resolve conflicts with other plugins and themes, and to craft elegant solutions to fragile workarounds. Just ask Grant, hnrocket, and Anna.

Demos | Screenshots | Feature Requests

The Weaknesses

The [strong] shortcode can be overwhelming at first. There's no shortcode builder thingy in the page editor. A better solution is almost ready.

The plugin may seem a bit disjointed; or maybe double-jointed is a better word. The [strong] shortcode was meant to replace the original [wpmtst] shortcodes but I haven't phased those out yet.

The settings pages for the original shortcodes are mixed in with the settings pages for [strong] and the newer features. It can be unclear which settings affect the new shortcode, the old shortcodes, or the widget.

The template files and functions can be vastly improved.


These plugins work well with Strong Testimonials and add some nice features.

Known Conflicts


  • Arabic (ar_AR) - Ahmad Yousef
  • French (fr_FR) - Jean-Paul Radet
  • Hebrew (he_IL) - Haim Asher
  • Portuguese (pt_BR) - Mauricio Richieri
  • Russian (ru_RU) - Матвеев Валерий
  • Spanish (es_ES) - Diego Ferrández
  • Swedish (sv_SE) - Tom Stone

Many, many thanks to these translators. Can you help? Contact me.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-9
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


27 of 29 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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