• It’s hard to identify what the precise problems are when virtually everything seems not to work correctly. This program is buggier than a cheap motel, so that it’s borderline unusable. Almost everything I try to do prompts multiple error messages or produces some strange effect in the text. For instance:
    – Multicollab prominently interferes with saving your work, so if you just love redoing work that didn’t save correctly, this is the tool for you!
    – All the buttons are broken and will simply stop working until you refresh the page. Better hope it actually managed to save before you hit that refresh button.
    – There’s other weird design oversights, like how it’s impossible to suggest edits on lists or captions. Who doesn’t love a tool that won’t work on large categories of content?

    Believe me, I could go on.

    All in all, the experience is intensely frustrating, and I know it’s not just me. After just a couple days of using this product in my work (at a tech company, so yeah, we understand computer programs), my whole team unanimously agreed that continuing to use Multicollab is out of the question. We’re going back to Google Docs with a great sense of relief. Even if it is extra steps, at least the steps work.

    This is far from a market-ready product. Judging from my experience, I’d say it’s barely in the user testing phase. If it were me, I’d be embarrassed to ask people to pay for such utter junk.

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