Content Collaboration with Google-Doc style Gutenberg Block Commenting


Love the Google Doc’s commenting features and wish to have the same feature in your WordPress Gutenberg editor?

Well, you wish and here it is.

👉 Google Doc-Style Gutenberg Block Commenting Plugin

Download Plugin > Activate > Just log into WordPress backend, Go to edit screen and you just need to do is click and type a comment right on top of the Gutenberg blocks

You can now experience the collaborative publishing experience.

  • Add comments on Gutenberg blocks
  • Reply to comment
  • Get feedback right away
  • And resolve it
  • Get email notification of resolve comments

Plugin – LIVE DEMO

📽 How a user can add comments inside the WordPress Gutenberg Editor?

💁 Key Features

👉 Comment in Gutenberg Block
Place comments on default Gutenberg paragraph and header blocks that are a part of page/post. It will be as easy as clicking and typing in your comment. No time wastage.

👉 Comment Activity
We keep track of all comment activity with this WordPress plugin. You get a history of comments including who placed the comment, when it was placed and where.

👉 Comment Notification
If someone resolves a comment thread on a particular page/post, all the participants of that specific thread will immediately get a notification through email. Suggestions don’t fall through the gap.

👉 Comment Resolution
This Google-doc style comments plugin gives users the option of not only adding comments but also editing, replying to, and resolving comments in a page/post. It offers you complete flexibility.

👉 Comments Hide/Show
This Google-doc style comments plugin gives users the option of not only adding comments but also editing, replying to, and resolving comments in a page/post. It offers you complete flexibility.

➡️Live Demo ⬅️

💁 How to use Gutenberg Block Commenting Plugin?

Step by step guide to commenting on post/page in WordPress Platform.

Step 1 Install the latest WordPress (should be 5.X or newer)

Step 2 Download, install & activate the plugin.

Step 3 Create a new or edit an existing page/post.

Step 4 Select text to comment on.

Step 5 Open a dropdown menu and select the ‘Comment’ option to start commenting.

➡️Live Demo ⬅️

💁 How to add Comment in Gutenberg Block ( Follow below step )

Step by step guide to add a comment on post/page in WordPress.

Step 1 Create a new or edit an existing page/post.

Step 2 Select text from the text area.

Step 3 Select the dropdown arrow. ( Click here for screenshot)

Step 4 Select text to comment on.

Step 5 Select comment options from the dropdown and start commenting.

➡️Live Demo ⬅️

💁 Critical Importance of Google doc-style Commenting Plugin

Did you know that 35% of the web uses WordPress from stand-alone blog posts to content-intensive news sites and more? But, publishing content on WordPress is not a simple exercise. One needs to create content, and then get suggestions from all stakeholders, and implement these. But it is not over yet. In most cases, stakeholders will take one final look at the content, again place comments where necessary, and ask content creators to make the necessary changes. Typically, this review/validation process becomes even more time consuming because it does not happen in a consistent manner.

Imagine that you are creating a post, which you have published as a draft. During the review process, the stakeholder will take a look and more often than not suggest changes via a Word/Google doc. The content creator takes a look at the comments, makes the necessary changes and the stakeholder again takes a look at the revised draft. If needed, more revisions are sought, using the same process.

But not anymore! WordPress Google Doc-Style Gutenberg Block Commenting Plugin is built to streamline the comments process in a Google-doc style, wherein feedback/suggestion comments can be placed from within the WordPress platform, by choosing the specific content areas, where changes need to be made.

We recognize the need for a plugin that smoothens the comments process and we created a plugin solution that leverages the features of the native Gutenberg editor in WordPress to place comments. This plugin allows client comments or key stakeholders’ comments to be placed on the specific text in Gutenberg blocks. This is a beta version and we have made it publicly available to the WordPress community. While we have done all the research and identified specific needs that this plugin will address, we believe the community’s participation will further enhance the comments plugin features.

➡️Live Demo ⬅️

💁 Require Environment

  • Latest WordPress (should be 5.X or newer)
  • Required PHP 5.6 above version

💁 Gutenberg Blocks Compatibility

This plugin is compatible with a range of Gutenberg blocks allowing comments placement across a large-section of your content.

  • Paragraph Block
  • List Block
  • Table Block
  • Headings Block
  • Quote Block
  • Image Block (caption)
  • Gallery Block (Captions)
  • Cover Block
  • Audio Block (Caption)
  • File Block (Filename)
  • Pullquote Block
  • Verse Block
  • Button Block
  • Media & Text

➡️Live Demo ⬅️

💁 How to Contribute Gutenberg Block Commenting Plugin

All types of contributions are most welcome.

  • Fork the repository to your account (you will get this option at the top right of this page).
  • Create a branch into your fork repository like development if it exists else from the master.
  • Take a clone of the fork repository to your local system.
  • Write your clean code and test with PHPCS with the WordPress VIPMinimum coding standard.
  • Commit your code from your local system.
  • Finally, click Pull Request from your fork repository.
  • This GitHub article will helpful for how to submit a pull request from the fork.

➡️Click here for Contribute ⬅️

💁 Support

This repository is not for support. Please use it for contributions only. To get help/support, please email us at

💁 Future Roadmap

The next release of this Google doc-style Gutenberg block commenting plugin will be a more optimized version with far more enhanced comments features. These will be as follows:

1. Markup features along with the comments

This feature will allow users to add suggestions for adding/removing certain text on a specific location. These suggestions can be placed in a popup allowing other users to see these suggestions.

2. Asynchronous comments

WordPress is offering a collaborative editing experience through Google Docs, so that different users are able to edit the same content of a page/post at the same time. To keep in step with this WordPress development, we are also planning an update wherein different users can add comments on a particular Gutenberg content block at the same time through the Content Editor.

We hope the “Comment” feature will help manage editorial flow within Gutenberg blocks. We will appreciate bug reports and any other contributions that can enhance the value of this Gutenberg Google-doc style comments plugin. Please refer to this guide for more information about how to get involved.

We hope the “Comment” feature will help manage editorial flow within Gutenberg blocks. We will appreciate bug reports and any other contributions that can enhance the value of this Gutenberg Google-doc style comments plugin. Please refer to this guide for more information about how to get involved.

➡️Live Demo ⬅️


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Take FAQ from this link


  • Comment in Gutenberg Block
  • Comment Activity
  • Comment Notification
  • Comment Resolution
  • Comments Hide/Show


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload content-collaboration-inline-commenting to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Q. Can I add comments in the Classic editor?

Ans: No, it only works with the Gutenberg editor in WordPress.

Q. Can I edit any comments?

Ans: No, you can only edit your comments. Comments added by other users are not editable or deletable by you. However, you can resolve the whole comment thread, if needed.

Q. Can I add comments in custom post types?

Ans: Yes, only if the custom post type supports Gutenberg.

Q. Can I remove all comments from all posts/pages at once?

Ans: No, comments can only be removed by resolving the comment thread or by deleting a single comment of a single post/page in one go. Also, deleting all the text on which comments are added, will remove all comments of that particular post/page.

Q. Can I restrict any user role to view or add comments?

Ans: Your comments are already restricted to all users except Super Administrators, Administrators, and Editors.

Q. Are the comments visible to the public?

Ans: No, comments are only visible at the back end and to authorized users only.

Q. Can I delete all comments at once?

Ans: All comments in a single thread can be deleted by resolving that specific comment thread. However, you cannot delete all comments from all comment threads at once.

Q. Is this a paid plugin?

Ans: No, it’s free and available for public contribution at Github.

Q. Does this plugin work with any custom Gutenberg Blocks?

Ans: Yes, it does, if the custom block is a combination of supported blocks.

Q. Does this plugin work with all Gutenberg Blocks?

Ans: Currently it supports only basic Gutenberg blocks which includes paragraphs and headings. We are working on and will cover all other blocks in the near future.

Q. How can I add a comment on the specific text?

Ans: Select the text on which comment needs to be added and then select “Comment” from the dropdown menu. A popup will appear on the right side of the text where comments can be added.


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