• Didn’t know about this plugin, but it makes it really easy to use custom Gutenberg Blocks. If you have to make then yourself, it quite hard to setup. Hope the pro version comes out soon though. Thanks!

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  • Careful @loosie94 This is likely to become abandonware, with vague comments that there may be a migration strategy to a third party product linked in some way with a third party hosting platform.

    This of course saddens me, as block-lab was pretty much the only clean plugin of its kind without some giant bloated framework associated with it. Moreover, given that all of the javascript is minified, even though it’s technically GPL, it would certainly be a difficult product to fork.

    I certainly welcome more insight on what this WP-Engine product may look like to change my opinions.


    Wait! I’ve already built a bunch of things with Block Lab! What do I do?

    If you’ve built things with the Block Lab plugin, you have no reason to worry. In fact, you can continue to safely work with Block Lab. As part of our work at WP Engine, we plan on creating a simple migration path that will bring the work you have done already in Block Lab over to what we build at WP Engine. So work with Block Lab now, and then, when the time comes, it will be easy to move over.

    Does that mean the existing Block Lab plugin will not be worked on moving forward?

    We are committed to providing support, bug fixes, and security patches to the current plugin for a reasonable amount of time, however, we won’t be developing any new features. The work we will be doing at WP Engine will build upon all we have learned building Block Lab and be even better.

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