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  • i am experiencing issues with this plugin and the latest wordpress version 5.6. don’t expect any assistance or even acknowledgement…it’s everyone else’s problem, not theirs.

    this popup is very limited in functionality so if you want a basic fixed popup and you don’t care about support, maybe this so so plugin is right for you?

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @ca8050 – Sorry to hear that. But to be fair having answered 30k+ tickets since I released this plugin, if I tell you that the cause is elsewhere, you can take that to the bank.

    Here are 4+ pages of users saying the same thing.

    Not sure where you get the claim of offering no assistance or acknowledgement. I helped every one of them in that thread and the 20 others that popped up with the WP 5.6 release track the issues down, 0 came from our plugin. 100% came from themes & other plugins that did not update for WP 5.6’s breaking JS changes. These breakages in their plugins caused JS in our plugin to never even get to run.

    0% chance we can fix that on our end ever. Our plugin completely relies on working JS.

    To be thorough I went ahead and took a look over your support topics here on these forums. Only one on our forums, but that one ended with us attempting to help you and you never came back.

    Not sure how that at all equates to no support.

    Also our guides and suggestions are the way they are because 99.999999999999999999% of the time it is an issue in JS caused by other plugins. Again over 30k tickets personally, it is what it is. Most theme authors never really mess with JS, they copy/paste some function they need, never looking at it again. Leads to constant breakages.

    On the other hand our plugin is almost entirely JS based. We constantly update it to ensure compatibility.

    So much so its the first thing we look for, and more often than not it moves users to a resolution on the first reply. So you may see that as a negative, but most do not. That said given the time frame of your issues and ticket, Maria gave you the same steps we gave to the 4+ pages of other users used to find AND SOLVE their issues.

    Again I’m sorry you had trouble, but all evidence points to this just being an issue with another item on your site that we wouldn’t have been able to resolve on our end anyways, and you didn’t follow through with support to find out for sure.

    We would kindly ask you to update your review accordingly.

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