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    Hi jezweb

    Yes, the same key can be used for multiple sites.

    As you can probably guess, we don’t typically discuss future product direction in public settings. But we certainly appreciate your interest.



    Plugin Author Accusoft


    Hi Jezweb,

    As the product owner, I do feel comfortable sharing some of our thoughts on this. We are currently experimenting with this market and trying to understand the needs (is image compression a real, valuable need for the WordPress community? Sure seems to be judging by the interest we’ve seen). We don’t know exactly what we will do, as we are still learning about the market. But it may involve some kind of premium model for features or unlimited volume or some other way to differentiate the free service.

    Would love to hear some feedback from you and other users.

    Best regards,


    Hi Tom, good to hear. It seems there is a big gap in what is available vs what people need. I can’t really understand why yahoo doesnt have a paid version of smushit that works properly all the time.

    I prefer not to use the jetpack image compression and hosting, lack of control over the images and what is cached. seems like it takesover the image management of wordpress too much. Smushit is just plain unreliable and limited to 1mb. ewww optimizer doesnt do enough compression so its like 5% reduction at best.

    One of the big problems I have with any image compression plugin is when it stops working, they never seem to fail quickly and gracefully and the user is left wondering wtf is going on and why its taking 5min to ‘crunch’ an image.

    If we are going to use image compression it needs to be near bulletproof, and if it does stop working to just let the images upload as normal and not screw up the entire image upload process. Ideally perhaps the images would be compressed later, not during the upload so that upload is still fast but images are compressed too.

    A paid service would be fine so long as it was incredibly reliable and fast. If the smarts of the compression system can be run from wordpress rather than sending the image off to another server then great but i doubt that is how you would want to run it as it releases code into the wild.

    The main reason I don’t want to use the plugin you have more at the moment is that bulk compression tasks seem to get stuck easily and when images are uploaded I have sat and watched for over a minute wondering wtf is happening with the images. Even instead of just nothing if there was some progress bar showing that compression was happening so that the user isn’t left guessing?

    Love the amount of compression you give the images, its a massive saving, but it needs to be more robust and user friendly in terms of the experience of the person uploading images. Thank you, jeremy.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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