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    This plugin is fantastic, and I can’t thank everyone enough for building such a great resource.

    I am looking for a way to be emailed only the provided answers as I wish to use this as a style survey. Whatever they don’t pick is irrelevant and clogs up the email.

    Is there a way to create an %ANSWERS% variable?

    Thank you in advance for anyone’s help with this!

    (Solutions I have tried with existing variable sets:
    Currently I have tried using %QUESTIONS_ANSWERS_X% to try and pull out specific questions. I converted this style quiz to a correct/incorrect format in hopes that having a “correct answer” would then only list 1 thing in the email after the answer rather than all the possible choices, thereby removing a lot of what’s clogging up the email. When I do this, it won’t send the email at all.

    So I got rid of the incorrect/correct and tried inserting <div> attributes to the email in an attempt to keep photos from loading in the email (the style quiz is a rich text format so the images create a lot of the email bloat, and each question has many answers as there are many different types of styles to suss out) however, as I’m sure you know, this didn’t work either.

    Side note: I have to keep a rich text format as I am looking for both images and text to be displayed for each possible answer. This is also to help keep a consistent format through each type of question as the style quiz uses everything from multiple choice, to single answer, to drop down.)

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  • Hi GhstChild,

    Please Navigate to text tab of quiz and from drop-down just select the “Result page %QUESTION_ANSWERS% Text” and on content area use this template variable “%USER_ANSWER%” and click on save text message button and then check hope your issue will get resolved let me know if you need more help.


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    Oh my goodness Sumit you are amazing, thank you so, SO much!!!!! Seriously I can’t thank you enough for your help.

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