Sermon Manager


Sermon Manager is the #1 WordPress Sermon Plugin

Sermon Manager is designed to help churches easily publish sermons online. The features include:

  • Add Speakers, Series, Topics, Books and Service Types
  • Attach MP3 files as well as PDF, DOC, PPT (or any other type!)
  • Embed video from popular providers such as Vimeo or YouTube
  • Attach images to sermons, series, speakers and topics
  • Super flexible shortcode system
  • Bible references integrated via for easy text viewing
  • Works with any theme and can be customized to display just the way you like. You’ll find the template files in the /views folder. You can copy these into the root of your theme folder and customize to suit your site’s design.
  • Full-featured iTunes podcasting support for all sermons, plus each sermon series, preachers, sermon topics, or book of the Bible!
  • Quick and professional support

Popular Shortcodes

  • [sermons] – This will list the 10 most recent sermons.
  • [sermons per_page=”20″] – This will list the 20 most recent sermons.
  • [sermon_images] – This will list all sermon series and their associated image in a grid.
  • [list_sermons] – This will list all series or speakers in a simple unordered list.
  • [latest_series] – This will display information about the latest sermon series, including the image, title (optional), and description (optional).
  • [sermon_sort_fields] – Dropdown selections to quickly navigate to all sermons in a series or by a particular speaker.

For more information on each of these shortcodes please visit our knowledgebase.

Expert Support

The Sermon Manager is available as a FREE download however in order to maintain a free version we offer premium support packages for those who need any custom assistance. Paid support means you get exclusive access to the Sermon Manager forum as well as support tickets. This is also a way you can donate to the project to help us offer prompt support and a free version of the plugin.

You can access the paid support options via our website.

Bug fixing and fixing unexpected behavior is free and always will be free. Just make an issue on GitHub or create a support thread on WordPress and we will solve it ASAP.


Would you like to help improve Sermon Manager or report a bug you found? This project is open source on GitHub

Note: Any contribution via pull request will have a note with submitter’s username in changelog, example: “(thanks @nikola3244)”.

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  • Sermon Details
  • Sermon Files


Installation is simple:

  1. Just use the “Add New” button in Plugin section of your WordPress blog’s Control panel. To find the plugin there, search for ‘Sermon Manager’
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Add a sermon through the Dashboard
  4. To display the sermons on the frontend of your site, just visit the if you have permalinks enabled or if not. Or you can use the shortcode [sermons] in any page.


Installation Instructions

Installation is simple:

  1. Just use the “Add New” button in Plugin section of your WordPress blog’s Control panel. To find the plugin there, search for ‘Sermon Manager’
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Add a sermon through the Dashboard
  4. To display the sermons on the frontend of your site, just visit the if you have permalinks enabled or if not. Or you can use the shortcode [sermons] in any page.
How do I display sermons on the frontend?

Visit the if you have permalinks enabled or if not. Or you can use the shortcode [sermons] in any page.

How do I create a menu link?

Go to Appearance => Menus. In the “Custom Links” box add “” as the url and “Sermons” as the label and click “Add to Menu”.

I wish Sermon Manager could…

We are open to suggestions to make this a great tool for churches! Submit your feedback at WP for Church

More Questions?

Visit the plugin homepage


Sermon Manager has turned a corner. Awesome support!

I just need to give a shout of thanks to Nikola and the awesome new team at They have really turned a “good but neglected” plugin into a powerhouse of focus and great support. Had several issues and customizations that they helped with promptly. Thank you!!

Works fantastically

This plugin is great. Been using it for over 3.5 years now. The support and updates have been fantastic, __especially__ since it’s free. My church’s podcast is now in iTunes and Google Play from this plugin. Sermons are a special niche of podcasting and I love how well this plugin handles the scripture references, topics, preachers, and more. It’s truly well done!

Great Plugin! Amazing Support!

Igor and the crew are great. This is definitely the best sermon plugin out there. Support, even without a support plan, is the best! Highly recommend if you are looking for a sermon manager that makes having a podcast easy.

Absolutely fantastic.

If you’re not a coder, this plugin will satisfy most of your needs. If you are a coder (or can hire a coder), the possibilities are pretty much limitless. This plugin ties into WordPress really well, and template files can easily be overwritten. Great job on this plugin! Thanks!

Great plugin! Saved me tons of time!

I’m a developer, but I was able to use this plugin as a starting point to put together a podcast for a client. Definitely the best thing I’ve found on WordPress. It’s pretty well documented and actually offers a lot of customizability. It’s not perfect, but for a free plugin, it’s really good! Thanks to the authors for making this available!

See my implementation (also using some other plugins) here:

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Contributors & Developers

“Sermon Manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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  • Add more <span> elements for more styling options
  • Fix podcast feed not working


  • Fix fatal error on old PHP versions
  • Fix custom preacher slug not working


  • Fix PHP warning regarding sorting
  • Fix Taxonomy images not working on initial plugin install (and sometimes for existing ones as well – needs plugin re-activation)
  • Fix space character is being URL encoded twice
  • Add more filters to the shortcode
  • Add back Sermon dates


  • Change preacher slugs as well when changing preacher label in settings
  • Fix spelling error (thanks @tythewebguy)
  • Fix filtering not working on a subpage
  • Fix a security concern (GitHub isssue #87)
  • Fix preacher image upload button & title not respecting preacher label
  • Fix wrong dialog title for Sermon Series image picker
  • Fix archive slug change needs saving of settings two times
  • Fix taxonomy image errors on first plugin install
  • Fix copyright symbol not appearing correctly


  • Fix fatal error on older PHP versions


  • Add media functions in the sermon editor
  • Add options to filtering shortcode
  • Fix filtering shortcode sometimes making 404 on filter
  • Fix PHP warning not dismissible
  • Tweak sermon audio length field description (thanks @macbookandrew)


  • Fix paragraphs in podcast feed description
  • Fix podcasts not validating with exotic mp3 file names
  • Fix double URLs appearing in sermon downloads
  • Fix sermons not appearing in shortcodes


  • Fix filtering styling being broken


  • Fix new sermons not appearing
  • Fix couple PHP warnings
  • Fix filtering in shortcode


  • Fix featured image not working


  • Fix PHP notice in the footer
  • Fix slashes in RSS feed
  • Fix podcast cover image not selecting
  • Fix first sermon image showing up as podcast cover image when none selected
  • Fix all dates issues (please allow the page to load after the update, it will take a minute; if you stop the load, please open <your website URL>/wp-admin/?sm_fix_dates)
  • Removed “Date” field (left side) in Sermon edit screen, “Published” date (right side) will be used from now on
  • Removed “Fix Dates” option tab, it’s not necessary anymore
  • Removed all warnings and error related to dates
  • Replaced old media manager with new one for podcast cover image


  • Add a setting to define podcast count
  • Fix a bug that caused WSOD on some hosts
  • Fix a bug that prevented settings to save on some hosts


  • Fix error that rendered website unusable on some hosts
  • Fix double line-breaks in the podcast description not changing into HTML paragraphs
  • Make new podcast HTML tags option disabled by default


  • Fix shortcode pagination broken on front page (thanks @antgiant)
  • Fix new audio player not loading on some old themes
  • Add an option to show key verse in “Recent Sermons” widget
  • Add HTML tags display in podcast description (can be disabled in settings)
  • Improve scripts & styles loading (website performance improvements)


  • Fix HTML formatting
  • Fix new player duration always being 0:00 on initial load
  • Fix Sermon date breaking the website in some special circumstances


  • Fix Sermon Manager interfering with regular post dates under some circumstances
  • Fix fatal error when using UpdraftPlus
  • Fix fatal error for longtime Sermon Manager users (thank you <3)
  • Fix audio URL duplication in “Download Files” section
  • Fix date checking URL
  • Fix scripts and styles not loading when shortcode is used in ordinary posts
  • Fix new player styles not loading


  • Fix fatal error for podcasts


  • Add a setting for Sermon date format
  • Add a filter for changing sermon image link (thanks @macbookandrew)
  • Add Polish translation (thanks @GITNE)
  • Fix podcast feed not validating because of an non URL encoded ampersand in the Sermon image URL
  • Remove sermons that don’t have mp3 files assigned to them from podcast XML file
  • Performance improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Improve backend performance
  • Fix topics list in backend sometimes being corrupted


  • Fix a typo in “Sort by Preacher” table column
  • Fix a PHP warning when a sermon is created with Service Type set to “None”
  • Fix Sermon Audio removing/uploading in backend not working


  • Allow displaying of audio and video at the same time
  • Fix new audio player conflicting with other elements
  • Fix not showing on sermon archive pages
  • Fix not loading over HTTPS


  • Fix shortcodes compatibility issue
  • Fix [sermons] shortcode ordering


  • Add an option to change “Preacher” to whatever user wants (“Teacher”, “Speaker”…)
  • Fix series image shortcode not working properly
  • Fix disappeared bible passage
  • Core improvements


  • Add orderby argument for [sermons] shortcode. How to use:
  • Add an option to switch between the old and the new MP3 player
  • Fix some cases where PodCast feed is invalid


  • Fix crash on PHP <5.5 (for real this time)
  • Fix sermon MP3 file name while downloading


  • Fix crash on PHP <5.5


  • Fix podcast feed date being invalid when used on website with non English language
  • Fix crashing on older PHP versions


  • Allow Sermon Manager usage on old PHP versions
  • Fix shortcode not working


  • Fix plugin crashing. Add missing files.
  • Remove old screenshots


  • Fix book sorting bug
  • Fix issue where podcast enclosures are sometimes duplicated
  • Fix sermon topics custom view not loading
  • Fix dashboard icon not displaying
  • Fix not displaying correct sermon dates
  • Fix parenthesis displaying when service type is not specified
  • Fix not loading over HTTPS
  • Add date fixing feature – should fix most of date-related bugs
  • Add a new player for MP3 files
  • Add PodTrac Support (thanks @reykroona)
  • Add warning if user is using PHP version less than 5.6.0
  • Simplify shortcodes


  • Fix another date error
  • Revert fix for “fatal error with date processing”, since it caused issues for some users
  • Fix video width being too wide
  • Fix microphone issue


  • Fixed fatal error with date processing
  • Fixed some PHP 7 warnings
  • Added better shortcode book sorting


  • Fix date warning in the Date Preached column
  • Fix downloads not showing notes and bulletin
  • Fix taxonomy images not working on new installs
  • Fix various bug fixes with feeds
  • Fix Yoast SEO XML sitemap not working with SM – Please re-save settings and permalinks
  • Fix image chooser not opening correctly when user clicks on series/preacher image (browser cache might need to be cleared)


  • Fix: Sermon Archive shortcode wasn’t displaying properly


  • Fixed error where saving anything in admin caused a php notice
  • Fixed setting page and notice to re-save settings even after user had saved
  • Updated sermon archive to show new sermon sorting fields function


  • Fixed error causing sermons views to not count
  • Fixed several issues with classes being called improperly


  • Fixed legacy support and functionality for video embed
  • Fixed podcast error causing duplicate entries


  • Fixed backwards compatibility issues
  • Fixed issue with service type dropdown


  • Massive update to core code with php7 compatibility
  • Bulletin file upload
  • Updated dependency libraries
  • Updated Views
  • Use YouTube/Vimeo link (with legacy support for old video embeds)


  • Bugfix podcast title is fixed in WP 4.4
  • Multiple non-fatal errors have been fixed


  • Bugfix podcast title is taken from Settings Page
  • Bugfix podcast no longer has any missing sermons
  • Bugfix properly strip html from podcast summary


  • Bugfix trailing / removed from podast feed
  • Bugfix don’t include enclosure in podcast if there is no audio file
  • Bugfix [list_sermons] order/orderby attributes now work as expected
  • Bugfix hide_nav works correctly in the [sermons] shortcode
  • Bugfix setting defaults on activation now works correctly


  • now actions are used to load sermon content in a theme: sermon_single & sermon_excerpt. This makes it easy to override the content by removing the default action and adding your own custom action.
  • Bugfix sermon_images shortcode now displays the description correctly
  • Added podcast feed for service types


  • improve setting MP3 duration; allow user to edit duration if not set accurately



  • NEW FEATURE: Podcast feeds for every Preacher, Service Type, Series, Bible Book, and Topic.
  • NEW FEATURE: New shortcode to display the latest sermon series image [latest_series] (many options including displaying by service type)
  • NEW FEATURE: Admin columns are now sortable – props to @khornberg
  • NEW FEATURE: All media is now uploaded to a custom folder /sermons/ under /uploads. This will allow easier media management and exclusion from backups (if desired)
  • Remove mediaelement audio player and use the built in mediaelement (now requires WordPress 3.6+)
  • Remove dependency on wp-pagenavi for shortcode pagination
  • Resolved issue with media player not displaying with shortcodes


  • require WordPress 3.6+
  • use built in mediaelement player


  • fixed errors with saving settings for some users (remove dependency on CURL)


  • improved podcasting performance – props @livingos
  • cleaned up options page with tabs, added hooks for other plugins to hook into the option page.
  • fixed bug causing sermons to display 2x


  • updated the way attachments are displayed. Now they will be available for download even if not attached to the sermon.
  • fix sermon-images shortcode


  • compatibility with WordPress 3.6


  • disable a filter that was causing problems in some themes (added in 1.7)


  • fix a few bugs introduced in 1.7


  • Improved many areas of the code; organized files
  • Made a new permalink structure possible with a common base slug across all taxonomies, e.g. sermons/preacher or sermons/series.
  • Added new template tag for the podcast url
  • Add series, preacher, topic, and book to post class
  • Trim taxonomy description in Admin
  • Improve widget CSS
  • Add missing filter for template files
  • Add template tags to show preacher and series info on individual sermons
  • Allow service type to be empty
  • Use date option set in WordPress settings instead of hardcoded format
  • Resolve $wpfc_entry_views error with PHP 5.4
  • Cleaned up CSS ids and classes to be compliant code


  • Improved localization & added French translation
  • Updated mediaelements.js to the latest version
  • Change Service Types to a custom taxonomy so you can add/edit as you wish (you’ll see an admin notice to refresh your database)


  • Added comma separator in case of multiple speakers or multiple series
  • Added speaker name to widget
  • Added “sort by Book” to sermon sort fields


  • Fix settings for


  • Added an action ‘wpfc_settings_form’ to add fields to the settings page
  • Fixed bug with sermon topic dropdown


  • Properly prefixed the entry views function to prevent conflicts


  • Only load admin scripts and styles on Sermon pages


  • Improve CSS for Chrome
  • Add the option to include the audio player in archive view
  • Fix display issues on some themes in archive view


  • Improve page navigation styles with shortcode
  • Improve admin interface & added a “Sermon Notes” field
  • Fixed the views count for sermons
  • Update function to add images to series & preachers
  • Added podcasting with iTunes
  • Properly enqueueing all JavaScript and CSS
  • New template tags for easier theme customization
  • Added new taxonomy “Book of the Bible” to allow easy sorting of sermons
  • Display a grid of images assigned to speakers or series with a new shortcode [sermon-images]
  • Display a list of sermon series, preachers, sermon topics, or book of the Bible with a new shortcode [list-sermons]


  • Bug fix with menu not showing in some themes


  • Bug fix with Service Type not saving correctly


  • Added a settings page
  • Now translation ready!
  • Added styling to the Recent Sermons Widget
  • Added featured image to individual sermons
  • Added images to sermon topics
  • Created new functions to render sermon archive listing and single sermons
  • Added better sorting fields on archive page
  • Added shortcode to insert sort fields – sermon_sort_fields


  • Enhanced shortcode to allow for Ajax pagination
  • Requires a plugin for pagination in shortcode to work:



  • Now you can add images to sermon series and preachers!
  • Widget now includes the sermon date
  • Added icons for audio and video attachments


  • Theme developers can add support for sermon manager to their theme with add_theme_support( 'sermon-manager' ); in functions.php. For now, this will disable the loading of the jwplayer javascript
  • Bug fix to load javascript for sermon player and verse popups on single sermon pages only
  • minor CSS fix to increase font size of popup Bible passages


  • bug fixes so everything saved correctly when doing autosave, quick edit, and bulk edit
  • minor CSS fix for icon to display with additional files


  • bug fixes to templating system
  • minor CSS fixes


  • New much improved templating system!
  • Bug fixes related to the loading of javascript and CSS


  • Fixes related to WordPress 3.3; takes advantage of new tinymce editor


  • Added WYSIWYG editor to the sermon description field


  • Added Widgets


  • Bug Fixes


  • initial public release