Selfish Fresh Start


This WordPress plugin removes most, in my opinion, unneeded crappy dashboard, post & page widgets, fixes formatted curly quote problems, checks for and removes Hello Dolly, removes junk header tags including the generator tag for extra security, removes update notifications for non-admins, removes old user profile fields like aim, prevents self pinging, removes smilies and trackbacks, and a few other settings that nobody needs either. This is built to be very generalized so it will work with every WordPress site as a good clean-up fresh start and help keep clients out of the editing files.

Current Operations

  • Removed: clean up unneeded header tags including:
    • wlw manifest links
    • rsd links
    • previous and next post links
    • wordpress generator
    • shortlink generation
  • Removed: admin dashboard widgets:
    • quick press
    • recent drafts
    • recent plugins feed
    • wordpress development blog feed
    • other wordpress blog news feed
    • incoming links box
    • yoast seo overview box
    • wp socializer box
    • w3 total cache news box
    • gravity forms box
    • bpress right now in forums
    • jetpack box
  • Removed: post metabox’s
    • trackbacks
  • Removed: page metabox’s
    • comments box
    • discussion box
  • Removed: appearance menu theme editor (some ppl may not like this but it’s great for client admins)
  • Removed: plugins editor menu
  • Removed: plugins list edit links
  • Removed: more jump link to #anchor
  • Removed: update notifications for non-admin users
  • Removed: potential for self ping backs
  • Removed: checks for and nukes Hello Dolly plugin (sorry @photomatt)
  • Removed: admin user yim, aim, jabber fields
  • Off: turn off global trackback/pingback setting
  • Off: turn off global formatting of text to graphic smilies

Additional Functionality

  • Do you use Yoast SEO? and don’t need all the beginner / noob stuff? Use this plugin: Yoast SEO Nuke Noob Stuff
  • Emojis scripts and support removal? I almost included it in this plugin but just use this plugin: Disable Emojis
  • Want to remove the Tools Menu? There’s a plugin for that: Remove Tools Menu


If you think you’d like to contribute, Pull Requests on Develop Branch on Github are accepted.
* Built in Chandler AZ, Updated in San Francisco, CA. I always used a lot of these functions on every site to help clean up the admin stuff and do some basic settings and based on some twitter replies others wanted this too as a public plugin. So… here we go. Feel free to do pull requests or add issues on github: Develop Branch on Github


  1. Upload the selfish-fresh-start folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. That’s it. seriously. Everything is done already. Enjoy.


Great Plugin

I know people want more settings & such but the author is just providing this as a service, not a product. Main options that make sense for most.

Super appreciated!

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Contributors & Developers

“Selfish Fresh Start” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release Date – 2017-03-21

  • new super duper plugin image assets for wp repo
  • tested up to WP 4.7.3
  • removed a couple deprecated calls but they didn’t cause problems


Release Date – 2015-12-02

  • tested to WP 4.4
  • updated some functions to fire at a more appropriate time on load
  • updated some metabox names that have changed
  • fixes an ajax warning in admin area. nbd.
  • content in this readme updated
  • simple branding images for wp plugin repo


  • removed dashboard widgets: bbpress, gravity forms
  • add check for option settings before updating them
  • test for WP 3.9


  • fixed bug with & symbols


  • all object oriented now and cleaned up code a lot. mo betta
  • HUGE pet peeve of mine is people pasting from word (or others) with formatted text. so i’m tired of fixing it all the time so lets force fix curly quotes and some common unicode, ascii, and utf-8 problems
  • remove dashboard welcome panel that was added in 3.5
  • added back author metabox on posts only. seem to use this more often so back it goes
  • no longer adding user profile fields: twitter, facebook, linkedin, google plus. I took it out as most plugins now like Yoast SEO & Facebook’s add those fields in order to do authorship verification and twitter cards etc. used to be needed but other plugins have finally caught up. time to take it out of here.


  • checking if DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT is defined or not to avoid issues. if not add it.
  • comments div affecting some sites not able to turn them back on. spotty, so taking out for now


  • temporarily removed removing ‘slugdiv’ from posts and pages as it was found to hinder the ajax edit permalink updating function. that’s another issue with wordpress but had to stop hiding that until wp fixes that.


  • added linkedin and google plus user fields


  • removed generator tag. not really needed either, helps with security scanning.
  • updated to new adjacent_posts_rel_link_wp_head from old. guess that changed recently.
  • updated readme and better description of everything from developer geek speak to human english.


  • take functions I use regularly and bundle for IPO (initial public offering)