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This plugin has been closed as of August 30, 2019 and is not available for download. Reason: Security Issue.


January 24, 2017 1 reply
We got this tool to support a non-profit with their conference and membership needs. It is difficult to implement – harder than woo-commerce. We bought the professional version and while the support folks have been good about answering questions, it is still a bear usability wise to install and configure. If you plan to get the professional – do not get the decaf to try it. They do not have a good conversion mode in place, you have to hand reset all of the messages. yeah… Also it is not flexible to meet a nonprofit needs. The developers have made decisions and hard coded things that would be better left open ended. I so wish this was better. Still struggling with it too many hours in, and the non-profit cannot afford that. 🙁 So I am eating the time. Fair warning it is not an easy plugin to use.
November 1, 2016 3 replies
I installed event espresso on my staging server on godaddy’s managed wordpress service. I immediately got the following critical error: “Event Espresso has detected that wp_cron is disabled. It’s important that wp_cron is enabled because Event Espresso depends on wp_cron for critical scheduled tasks.” Now I can understand an error if I was on some noname hosting provider, however I am on GoDaddy Word Press Managed Services. Have you heard of Godaddy? Yes? Great! So why am I getting a critical error upon installing your software after paying $280?? This wasn’t the only error though. After installing following the instructions to the letter, including wiring up paypal, it failed to product a registration page for an event. This is the latest codebase?? I looked at the page source, the form wasn’t there. This is a total fail. Don’t blame Godaddy because they bla bla bla. This is your product. It should work on Godaddy. It is completely up to you to fix it so that it does work on godaddy, or find developers who can. Signed an unhappy customer at 4:24 AM.
February 7, 2017 4 replies
I love how Event Espresso works. However what I love more is the support they provide. Garth is wonderful with helping me with support issues. They earn a 100 for customer service!
February 7, 2017 1 reply
It took me a little while to test and get everything working/configured as needed but it’s all done now, working perfectly and provides everything my client was looking for. When I needed technical support to work out a theme conflict issue their technical support staff was quick to respond, lend a helping hand and get the issue resolved expeditiously. When I found a minor bug they immediately jumped on it and issued a hot fix the same evening. Talk about CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I wish everyone was as responsive as these guys are. Absolute Kudos to the whole Event Espresso team.
February 7, 2017
One of the worst plugins I’ve ever had to use. It doesn’t play well with customisation, the codebase is some of the dodgiest crap I’ve ever laid eyes on (almost as bad as ZenCart… almost) and they charge premium prices for poor quality products. Every update seems to change something fundamental be it templating or functional use. My client bought their members and ticketing systems as well and at the time it was all PDF based and you had to pay them to change the template. “F… that” I thought, I made some tweaks, updates, enhancements, but because it’s not open source, I can’t share and had to stave off updating it until the final straw has broken metaphorical camel’s back. I’ve wasted so much time with this bullshit plugin that I’m seriously considering writing my own Events and Ticketing management plugin (hell, I’ve wasted enough time trying to get EE to play nice that I could have been more productive by just writing my own) to release FREE just so these guys can’t sucker more chumps like me and my client into throwing money at their horribly “feature-packed” mangled steaming pile of [ expletive deleted ]. I really wish I could rate this plugin as ZERO stars. 1 is too good for it.
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