• One of the worst plugins I’ve ever had to use. It doesn’t play well with customisation, the codebase is some of the dodgiest crap I’ve ever laid eyes on (almost as bad as ZenCart… almost) and they charge premium prices for poor quality products.

    Every update seems to change something fundamental be it templating or functional use. My client bought their members and ticketing systems as well and at the time it was all PDF based and you had to pay them to change the template. “F… that” I thought, I made some tweaks, updates, enhancements, but because it’s not open source, I can’t share and had to stave off updating it until the final straw has broken metaphorical camel’s back. I’ve wasted so much time with this bullshit plugin that I’m seriously considering writing my own Events and Ticketing management plugin (hell, I’ve wasted enough time trying to get EE to play nice that I could have been more productive by just writing my own) to release FREE just so these guys can’t sucker more chumps like me and my client into throwing money at their horribly “feature-packed” mangled steaming pile of [ expletive deleted ].

    I really wish I could rate this plugin as ZERO stars. 1 is too good for it.

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