Email Marketing by Drip


Drip is email marketing automation that doesn’t suck. It’s
the easiest way to get started with email marketing on WordPress, from building your email
list to engaging your subscribers through an email mini-course.

It’s likely that you’ve been looking for a WordPress plugin to help you automate email marketing but have been overwhelmed by the choices. Drip is the future of email marketing software, and this plugin saves you time with an easy one-click WordPress installation.

With Drip you can collect email addresses and easily send messages to your prospects, trial users and customers based on their behavior.

Setting Up Drip

The first step to setting up Drip is to install a snippet of JavaScript in the footer of your website, and this plugin makes that dead simple for our customers who run WordPress.

After that, you’ll be gathering new email subscribers with our handy opt-in widget in less than five minutes.

Drips Features

Use our automation engine to apply tags to your subscribers when they perform particular actions, such as visiting a page on your website, clicking a link in an email, making a purchase, or any other custom event you send to Drip. We also support unlimited custom fields (such as “name” and “phone”) on all subscribers.

You can segment your users using tags and events, allowing you to send newsletters and transactional emails and campaigns that are highly personalized based on interactions your users have with your website or web application.

Drip has 8 triggers and 11 actions in our Automation Rule builder. Automation Rules make it easy to move people in and out of campaigns, apply tags, record conversions, send them to an another application (like a CRM system), and more.

Drip automatically tracks subscriber activity on your site and in your app along with a number of key performance metrics for opt-in forms and campaigns.

Drip even calculates lead score, letting you track leads that are most likely to convert to sales and grow your business.

Subscriber pruning helps you remove subscribers who are no longer engaging with your emails, to keep your cost down and your list quality high.

Harness the power of native integration. Drip works with dozens of applications and platforms, including: landing page providers, payment gateways, shopping carts, CRM systems, and more.

Our list of integrations is constantly growing, so its likely that Drip integrates with services that are already in your toolkit.

Our development team is constantly adding new features to help our customers be more awesome at what they do. Here are just a few of our best features:


Keep tabs on subscriber growth, engagement, ROI, tags, and more in our reporting area.

Split Testing

Test your subject lines, send times, and from names within your drip campaigns.

Concierge Service

Our writers can either adapt your existing content or write a custom course from scratch.

Campaign Blueprints

Our pre-built blueprints help you build your drip campaigns using industry best practices.

  • We also feature:
  • RSS-to-Email
  • Multi-User Access
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Custom DKIM/SPF
  • Automation Rule Blueprints
  • Full Knowledge Base
  • Data Exports
  • Monthly or Annual Billing
  • Custom Redirect Pages
  • Localization Support
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Global Subscriber Search

The Drip Process

Simply sign up for a Drip account and install this
plugin to get started. Once installed, we place a small snippet of JS on your site to
that allows Drip to work its email marketing magic.

More Information

Need Help?

Contact our friendly support team for assistance.


  • The Drip plugin settings page
  • Find your Account ID in your Drip's Settings > Account > General Info


  1. Upload the email-marketing folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Email Marketing by Drip plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the Drip page that appears in your Settings menu


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the email-marketing folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Email Marketing by Drip plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the Drip page that appears in your Settings menu
How do I install the tracking script on my website?

This plugin automatically installs the Drip tracking script for you. All you
have to do is install this plugin and enter your Account ID on its settings page.
Your Account ID can be found on the Settings > Site Setup

Do I need to have a Drip account?

Yep. This plugin installs the tracking code needed for Drip to work.
Sign up here for a free trial.

Who can I contact for help?

We’re always happy to help with setting it up – just contact us here
to get started!

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