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Create your own widgetized areas and choose on which pages they show up - "Easy to use. Even with complex themes. Made my work much easier."

How do I begin working with this plugin?

Please refer to the usage section of Custom Sidebars Pro

Why can't I see a widget menu?

This plugin requires your theme to have widget areas enabled, if you don't have widget areas enabled you probably need to use a different theme that does!

Where do I set my sidebars up?

You have a sidebar box when editing a entry. Also you can define default sidebars for different posts and archives.

Why do I get a message 'There are no replaceable sidebars selected'?

You can create all the sidebars you want, but you need some sidebars of your theme to be replaced by the ones that you have created. You have to select which sidebars from your theme are suitable to be replaced in the Custom Sidebars settings page and you will have them available to switch.

Everything is working properly on Admin area, but the custom sidebars are not displayed on the site. Why?

You are probably using a theme that doesn’t load dynamic sidebars properly or doesn’t use the wp_head() function in its header. The plugin replaces the sidebars inside that function, and many other plugins hook there, so it is more than recommended to use it.

It appears that only an Admin can choose to add a sidebar. How can Editors (or any other role) edit customs sidebars?

Any user that can switch themes, can create sidebars. Switch_themes is the capability needed to manage widgets, so if you can’t edit widgets you can’t create custom sidebars. There are some plugins to give capabilities to the roles, so you can make your author be able to create the sidebars. Try User role editor

Does it have custom taxonomies support?

This plugin supports showing your posts on all different categories or tags, it's awesome, for more visibility controls try Custom Sidebars Pro

Can I use the plugin in commercial projects?

Custom Sidebars has the same license as WordPress, so you can use it wherever you want for free. Yay!

I like the plugin, but what can I do if my website is based in a WP version older than 3.3

If you are running a earlier version of WordPress download Custom Sidebars 0.8.2.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.10
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 200,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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