Arigato Autoresponder and Newsletter


Email Support

This plugin allows scheduling of automated autoresponder messages and newsletters, and managing a mailing list. You can add/edit/delete and import/export members. There is also a registration form which can be placed in any website or blog. You can schedule unlimited number of email messages. Messages can be sent on defined number of days after user registration, or on a fixed date.

From version 1.5 you can also send fixed date messages.

From version 2.0 you can send immediate newsletters.

From version 2.2 you can add attachments to your autoresponder emails

Built-in integration with Contact Form 7
Built-in integration with Jetpack Contact Form
Built-in integration with Ninja Forms

Community Translations

Swedish translation available thanks to Patrik: .po / .mo
German translation available thanks to @mpek: .po / .mo


  • Main settings page. Get the signup form code, configure double opt-in, and more.
  • Manage your mailing list, add/edit/delete subscribers
  • Import and export contacts to/from CSV file
  • Create a new autoresponder message
  • Send instant newsletter to all active subscribers


Installation Instructions
  1. Unzip the contents and upload the entire bft-autoresponder directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the sender address and other options from the main page accessible from the newly appeared “Arigato Light” menu.
  4. Manage your email messages and mailing list.
  5. In order to send automated sequential emails every day your blog should be visited at least once daily. If this is not happening, please set up a cron job to visit it using the command shown in your Arigato Light Settings page.
Can I send unlimited messages?

Yes, there is no limitation. However you’d better not set more than one email to be sent at the same number of days after user registration.

Is there unsubscribe link?

Yes, unsubscribe link is automatically added to every outgoing message.

What to do if it doesn’t send emails?

Please install a plugin like WP Mail SMTP or Easy WP SMTP and try to send a test email. If the test email isn’t received, it means the problem is not in the autoresponder and you should talk to your hosting support.

Are there any limitsto how many emails can be sent?

The autoresponder itself does not impose any limits, but your hosting company probably does. If you plan to have large mailing list, you will need the pro version because it lets you fine-tune the number of emails sent to comply with your hosting company limitations.



This is a best FREE autoresponder plugin at the moment on this planet!
Thanks to Author Prasunsen!

PS: A suggestion: It would be nice to have a variable {{Unsubscribe link}} like this:

<a href="">Unsubscribe link</a>

Brilliant plugin! If you're looking for an easy way to engage your customers!

I was fascinated by this plugin since it was a one time cost. I’m no programmer and it was damn easy to set an auto-responder campaign. The free version is limited, but if you’re ok to invest, their pro version is just damn good. I’ve their pro version which allows you to see if users clicked on URLs/links you place in your email. The only drawback, I would say is that it is not easy to compose html emails like mailchimp. But, if your intent is to keep in touch with your customers, this is the best tool in the plugin market. Trust me, since I had to search for this solution since I didn’t want to go for the subscription models. Also, please install easy wp smtp mail plugin along with this to work with your email (gmail, google apps account, yahoo, etc.) – This plugin is free.

I’ve to really thank these guys for solving my problems… Hope to get consistent updates like now…

Great Plugin and Amazing Tech Support

I’ve been looking for a plugin that would work with my existing Contact Form 7 and help generate a further autoresponder(s) for ages. I purchased the Arigato Pro Autoresponder as it had facilities which I needed. It was clearly set out although I still managed to make a setting up error with my limited web/plugin skills. However I contacted the plugin support and to my surprise they responded immediately and the guy “Bob” was so helpful. I’m thinking they must be several Bob’s because he was so prompt with all my many questions and so patient. My sincere thanks for this Plugin which does everything I need it to do and more. In fact I probably would be as well to redo my contact forms and dump Contact Form 7 (no support available on that one) and just use this plugin. Thanks again.

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Contributors & Developers

“Arigato Autoresponder and Newsletter” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Changes in 2.4.3

  1. Made some security fixes and code improvements
  2. Improved protection against duplicates (with lock file)
  3. Added options for non-admin user roles to manage the plugin

Changes in 2.4

  1. Fixed the missing link to Ninja Forms integration
  2. Added wp_nonce fields to all forms for improved security
  3. Started and documented the basic developer’s API
  4. Added option to use simple question based captcha. Note that this will work only with the shortcode and not the raw HTML code. Once you enable the captcha, forms using the HTML code will no longer work until you switch it off!
  5. You can now use the variables {{{unsubsribe-link}}} or {{{unsubscribe-url}}} to create custom “click here to unsubscribe” text
  6. Added variables {{email}} and {{ip}} in the double opt-in message
  7. In the Settings page you can now disable the default alerts that are shown when user subscribes and unsubscribes
  8. Added filters / search form on the Subscribers page
  9. Added pseudo lock tables to prevent sending duplicate emails
  10. Reworked the Ninja Forms integration to work with their latest version
  11. Added shortcode [bft-num-subs] to show the total number of active subscribers

Changes in 2.3

  1. Now keeps track of all the previous newsletters and lets you edit and re-send them
  2. Added configurable field names for the Contact Form 7 Integration
  3. Added option to use real cron job. This will help you to define what time of the day to send your emails by scheduling the cron job for that time.
  4. Changed plugin name to Arigato
  5. One more attempt to avoid the odd duplicate emails problem that some users experience
  6. Added optional redirect URL after email confirmation
  7. You can now limit the number of emails sent at once. Note: if you use cron job it’s no longer required to run it only once per day. In fact it’s recommended to run it more often, for example once per hour.
  8. Reworked the UI on the Mailing list page, added number of emails sent, added field to edit the subscriber’s date
  9. Added integration with Ninja forms
  10. Made the ‘Your email address has been confirmed!’ alert box optional on double opt-in emails

Changes in 2.2

  1. Added “Mass delete” option in the mailing list
  2. The “{{name}}” mask can now be used also in the double optin email
  3. Option to automatically subscribe users who register to the blog. Note that this happens when they first login to avoid bot subscriptions.
  4. Built-in integration with Contact Form 7 lets you signup users when they fill your contact form
  5. Added raw email log of all emails sent. This will help you know what emails have been sent on each day
  6. Added option to automatically cleanup the raw email log after given number of days
  7. Added built-in integration with Jetpack contact form
  8. Improved the export format and made it download a file
  9. Now you can select if you want to send HTML or text/plain emails
  10. We have added attachments for your autoresponder emails

Changes in 2.1

  1. Added user’s name and registration date in unsubscribe notification emails
  2. Removed several deprecated usages of wpdb::escape()
  3. Added basic validation for empty email on subscribe
  4. Double opt-in message is now configurable
  5. Created a help page (moved the manual out of the options page)
  6. Added alerts when user unsubscribes or confirms their email address
  7. Fixed for compatibility with WordPress 3.8
  8. Added pagination on the mailing list page
  9. You can now configure subscribe and unsubscribe notification messages
  10. Fixed missing “unsubscribe” link in instant newsletters

Changes in 2.0

  1. Changed the cron job logic in attempt to avoid a multiple emails issue that some people complain about
  2. Improved the cron job logic further to avoid simultaneous runnings of the same
  3. When the sender’s detail are left empty will use the default sender from your WordPress Settings page
  4. Many strings were missing in the .pot file, fixed this.
  5. From version 2.0 you can send immediate newsletters. Do it with caution.
  6. Other code fixes and code improvements

Changes in 1.9:

  1. Shortcodes get executed in messages. Be careful with this though as CSS and Javascript effects will not always work.
  2. Optional notification when new user registers (and confirms their email, if double opt-in is selected)
  3. Optional notification when user unsubscribes

Changes in version 1.8:

  1. Sortable mailing list + visual improvements
  2. Localization-friendly (pot file inside)
  3. Of course various bug fixes as always

Changes in version 1.7:

  1. Using wp_mail so now you can use any of the existing SMTP plugins
  2. Rich text editor available to format the messages
  3. Shortcode available for the signup form
  4. Code fixes and bug fixes