Access Watch: Traffic Analysis


The Access Watch plugin is logging requests to the Access Watch web traffic intelligence service.

Using innovative technologies, this data will be deeply analyzed and available for you in a beautiful interface.

Access Watch is hyper efficient at detecting and blocking:

  • brute force attacks
  • comment spam & trackback spam
  • contact form spam
  • suspicious registrations
  • suspicious xml-rpc requests (spam, attacks)
  • referer spam (also known as referral/referrer spam)


  • Dashboard: Access Watch features metrics rarely seen elsewhere, such as requests per second, proportion between humans and robots, proportion between bad, suspicious and nice robots.
  • Robots: Access Watch lets you visualize the top robots in an innovative interface. Easy to read, the more requests a robot makes, the larger it is on the map. This visualization lets you spot easily which robots make the most requests on your website and which ones would be beneficial to block.
  • Events: Access Watch lets you know each time something interesting is happening on your website. From the Events screen, you will be able to approve or block new verified robots, block suspicious agents performing spam or brute force attacks, see the abuse attempts blocked as they occur.
  • Requests: Access Watch lets you see all incoming requests in real time. It's the kind of data that seasoned website administrators use to troubleshoot websites. The difference here? The data is augmented by our service and instead of being cryptic black & white, it's clear and colorful.


Installation Instructions

Upload the Access Watch plugin to your blog, and activate it.

You’re done!

Who’s behind Access Watch?

The Access Watch service is operated by “Access Watch Technologies GmbH”, a company based in Berlin (Germany) with an international team. Our servers are also currently located in Germany, so is your data.

How does it works?

After each HTTP request on your WordPress website, the metadata are logged to the Access Watch service. The data sent is commonly named “Access Logs”, it contains things like the client IP Address, the HTTP Method, the HTTP Headers and the URL.

Is it free?

Our service is currently in beta and free for all our users. When we will be out of beta, the basic service should stay free for most of our users: small websites and non-commercial websites. For bigger or commercial websites, we plan to charge on the volume of data processed.

What about performance?

By default, Access Watch is caching data in your website MySQL database using the “Transients API” from WordPress. While it works well for most websites, for demanding websites we suggest using an alternate WordPress object cache, such as the one provided by the “W3 Total Cache” plugin. Please let us know if there is any issue or if you need help!


A tool everybody should have

Access Watch lets me see in real time what’s happening on my website. I now know that I have many visitors from Russia and China, although none of them are humans (unfortunately). Can recommend this to anyone who operates a website big or small.

Love It

Hated the endless scanning through apache logs, finding abusive hosts and bots, tracking down IP addresses, adding them to a never ending list in my htaccess file, plus all the time wasted looking for some easier way, for some automated system.

Then I ran across Access Watch. Install, Activate, Amazing

Very Great

Very easy to install
dashboard ux and ui are well designed

it’s really usefull to understand your traffic
with great design.. focus on content 🙂

Thx to the author

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Contributors & Developers

“Access Watch: Traffic Analysis” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Release Date – 15 March 2017

  • UI update: detailed request improvements


Release Date – 12 March 2017

  • UI update: detailed request panel


Release Date – 27 February 2017

  • Updated user interface
  • Get the name and description of the bad robots
  • For top identified robots, link to our public robot database
  • In the request screen, click on a request to get details on the agent
  • We hope you’ll like it! Tell us what you think!


Release Date – 18 February 2017

  • change how the urls for plugin assets are generated


Release Date – 13 February 2017

  • Handle uninstall hook


Release Date – 26 January 2017

  • disable db execution time tracking


Release Date – 23 January 2017

  • Happy New Year!
  • update PHP libraries: updated session and feedback handling
  • better track execution time: db and http breakdown


Release Date – 1 December 2016

  • UI update: improve Agent logs panel


Release Date – 28 November 2016

  • UI update: more events


Release Date – 24 November 2016

  • UI update: more robot icons


Release Date – 23 November 2016

  • UI update: robots filter


Release Date – 21 November 2016

  • UI update: logs pagination


Release Date – 11 November 2016

  • UI update: Real Time Requests with WebSocket


Release Date – 9 November 2016

  • UI update: Add Worldmap to dashboard, Focus on Robots