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  • What a great plugin this is! Really excellent.

    Lovely design, and provides very useful and easy to understand data about bad bots visiting your site.

    Doesn’t seem to work entirely correctly for me, as it only records bot visits to my site and not regular visitors.

    So there seems to be some issue with this plugin and either using a cache plugin or cloudflare.

    But all i want it for is monitoring bots. And that it does extremely well!

    There is an option to block bots, but nothing i can see to unblock bots later on (unless you click on that bot again in the watch list) or a list of what bots you have blocked. So something like that in a future update would be great!

    I initially installed this plugin thinking i would only use it for a short time, but it’s so great i’ve kept it ever since!

    This plugin would probably get more installs if it had something relating to “block bots” in the title!

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