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  • I have been checking a lot on my google webmaster page > AMP

    I believe the the amp plugin is mis-reading, distorting or changing the image “alt=” tag , as I use meteor-slides to run several images thru a slide on several pages and and those images have ‘distributor’, ‘supplier’, ‘wort’inside the html alt tag for each one of the images.

    I am not sure how it came up with ‘s’, but below is what Google Webmaster > AMP reports as errors

    >>>>>>>>The attribute ‘s’ may not appear in tag ‘amp-img’ <<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>The attribute ‘distributor’ may not appear in tag ‘amp-img’ <<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>The attribute ‘supplier’ may not appear in tag ‘amp-img’ <<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>The attribute ‘wort’ may not appear in tag ‘amp-img’ <<<<<<<<

    Plugin List:

    wp-plugins-active (43)

    410 for WordPress: version: 0.8.7, author: Samir Shah
    Accelerated Mobile Pages: version: 1.0.33, author: Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi
    All In One SEO Pack: version: 3.3.5, author: Michael Torbert
    All In One WP Security: version: 4.4.3, author: Tips and Tricks HQ, Peter Petreski, Ruhul, Ivy
    Autoptimize: version: 2.6.2, author: Frank Goossens (futtta)
    Backup: version: 1.2.5, author: BackupGuard
    Caldera Forms: version: 1.8.11, author: Caldera Labs
    Classic Editor: version: 1.5, author: WordPress Contributors
    Comet Cache: version: 170220, author: WebSharks, Inc.
    Contact Form DB: version: 2.10.29, author: Michael Simpson
    Cryout Serious Slider: version: 1.1.1, author: Cryout Creations
    Cryout Serious Theme Settings: version: 0.5.10, author: Cryout Creations
    Easy Columns: version: v2.1.3, author: Pat Friedl
    Enhanced Media Library: version: 2.7.2, author: wpUXsolutions
    Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator: version: 1.3.17, author: Philippe Bernard
    FooGallery: version: 1.9.8, author: FooPlugins
    Fullwidth Page Templates: version: 1.0.3, author: Brainstorm Force
    Huge IT Slider: version: 4.0.6, author: Huge-IT
    HungryFEED: version: 1.6.3, author: VerySimple
    Image Slider (Lite): version: 1.1.110, author: Image Slider Team – GhozyLab
    Image Widget: version: 4.4.7, author: Modern Tribe, Inc.
    MaxButtons: version: 7.13.4, author: Max Foundry
    Max Mega Menu: version: 2.7.4, author:
    MetaSlider: version: 3.15.3, author: Team Updraft
    Meteor Slides: version: 1.5.6, author: Josh Leuze
    No Follow All External Links: version: 2.3.0, author: gearpressstudio
    Pagination by BestWebSoft: version: 1.1.7, author: BestWebSoft
    Per Page Widgets: version: 0.0.7, author: Internet 123
    Popup Maker: version: 1.9.1, author: Popup Maker
    Post/Page specific custom CSS: version: 0.2.0, author: Łukasz Nowicki
    Pure Chat: version: 2.21, author: Pure Chat, Inc.
    Redirection: version: 4.7.1, author: John Godley
    Responsive WordPress Slider – Soliloquy Lite: version: 2.5.8, author: Soliloquy Team
    Sitemap by BestWebSoft: version: 3.2.2, author: BestWebSoft
    Slimstat Analytics: version:, author: Jason Crouse
    Smush Pro: version: 3.3.1, author: WPMU DEV (latest version: 3.6.1)
    Tag Pages: version: 1.0.2, author: Bjorn Wijers <burobjorn at burobjorn dot nl>
    Widget Importer & Exporter: version: 1.5.5, author:
    WooDojo: version: 1.5.4, author: WooThemes
    WooSidebars: version: 1.4.5, author: WooCommerce
    WP-Sweep: version: 1.1.1, author: Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan
    WP Sitemap Page: version: 1.6.2, author: Tony Archambeau

    Now… I restored from less than 24 hours ago and the ADD TO CART is STILL Missing??????\

    What did YOU DO to MY SITE?????

    Just updated Your Plugin now ADD TO CART is MISSING ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    How do I restore to last version???????????????????



    Okay I read the description/instalation/FAQ of this plugin and I copied ‘<?php echo easy_wp_pagenavigation(); ?>’, SO Where do I paste to ?????
    single.php, or header.php, or index.php I am sure your plugin must work just tell the users where to paste the code???

    Wow, Thanks you so much, I had no idea it was that simple. Do U know of plugin or how I can hide it, i use Lockdown WordPress Admin plugin, can U suggest a better one?

    I am sorry my description is so bad I am terrible at writing my thoughts. There is not any https issues, I do not use it on my site.

    I have a PLUGIN the helps me secure the website. as stated earlier I cannot access plugins. In order to access my dashboard I use bitkinex a web-dav kinda like a ftp access, I must rename the plugins folder, effectively disabling all plugins. then I must use the standard out of the box normal address to login into dashboard which is /wp-admin, then I go back and return the plugins folder to change it back proper name then the plugins now are working again, my site is normal.

    I just cannot access my plugins with the admin interface of wordpress or updates either from the Dashboard admin link

    Man am I gonna have to re-install WP 4.2.4 how am I ever gonna be able to keep my wordpress upto date.

    This happened because I updated to WP 4.3, I have been using WP for over five years never had a problem why did WP have to jack around with plugin php code, it is very disappointing I expect much better from WP this usually just happens with plugins themselves, not the core code.

    Please help Thank you


    Mt Site is : and seems to be working fine,
    \I have to disable the plugins folder by renaming it and login with the non-secure stable /wp-admin then rename plugin folder to normal then reload admin page to get it the admin page back and restore the plugins and then the actual site works normally but cannot access wp-admin/plugins.php

    problem is admin or wp dashboard side I can access /wp-admin/themes.php noticed that sometimes the the fly-out menus not always working like I hover over Appearance and sometimes the sub-menu will not flyout as it should.

    cannot access wp-admin/update-core.php either get the 404 to actual site again

    Yes I upgrade to WP 4.3 last Night

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    Thank you for your response, I have looked for the code mentioned at the link you provided,, and the code listed on that page, quoted below, that needs to be replaced does not exist in the meteor-slideshow.php file.

    I have re-read and searched for this exact and verbatim code it does not exist in that meteor-slideshow.php file.

    <a href="<?php echo get_post_meta( $post->ID, "slide_url_value", $single = true ); ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_post_thumbnail( 'featured-slide' ); ?></a>

    Please advise

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