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    I see you’re pushing version 15.4, which includes yet another unasked-for integration with a third-party service, this time something called Elementor.

    Your blog post on this update tells me very little useful information. I must therefore ask:

    1. I don’t use Elementor, and in fact had never heard of it before. (I don’t need a page builder, and given the unwelcome efforts of WordPress core to shove the vile Gutenberg editor down my throat, my interest in adding one is less than zero.) If I don’t have that plugin, does this integration do anything?
    2. Is this integration enabled by default? (You people REALLY need to stop doing that.)
    3. Does this integration communicate ANY data outside of my local server? If so, what data does it send, and to whom? Can I control when that happens? This is a vital legal question — I know you guys are based in the EU, and so your apparent obliviousness about GDPR issues remains baffling to me.
    4. If data is sent to a third party, to whose privacy policy or policies is that data subject?

    I remain extraordinarily frustrated with Yoast’s blithe indifference to the potential privacy implications of these updates. It’s 4:20 a.m. here, and the LAST thing I wanted to do was dig through privacy policies of unfamiliar companies and beg your team for answers about where you may be sending my data now.

    I don’t care if you want to add optional integration features, but this is now the third time you have added one that I’m guessing defaults to opt-in (something the GDPR discourages). That is very bad practice. You have a notification system! Just push a notification on upgrade saying the integration is optionally available, offer a clear opt-in option, and include information and/or privacy policy links explaining what data may be collected and transmitted. The continuing resistance to doing that strikes me as a disturbing lack of good faith.

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    Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve addressed your concerns as follows-

    1. No. If you don’t have Elementor running, the integration will do nothing.
    2. It is enabled by default for those running Yoast SEO and Elementor.
    3. No, it doesn’t communicate any data outside of your site or server.

    I hope that clears things out.

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    No, it doesn’t communicate any data outside of your site or server.

    That’s a relief, after the SEMrush and Ryte debacles. Very well. Thanks!

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    You’re welcome. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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