• tja.

    right now we can’t do anything with the plugin : the “add new” test button is disabled.
    i have tested and verified this on several wordpress installs with various sets of install plugins – including a fresh clean install.

    the only published version of this plugin right now is 1.0.0

    which leads me to think that the four previous reviews are probably fake.
    one of them even has the author company name in its nickname (mykolableech)
    another one has only one other plugin review, and that is on another bleech plugin (skil3e)
    the other two reviews are by very recent accounts : both created just before posting the review.

    come on guys, this plugin has very promising features and huge potential.
    the product page on your website is very exciting. i have been waiting for the release for a long time…
    i even had a pagescreen monitor on your website to make sure i didn’t miss it ! (such irony)

    you can do better than this !

    i’ll edit this review if anything changes.

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  • Plugin Support steffenbew


    Hey @pmachart, the “add new” button should only be deactivated for a brief moment, until the site is registered with the service. Are those websites public and reachable from the outside? If so, could you please try reloading the page in the backend and check if the button is activated now? That’s necessary for the screenshot service to work. If it still doesn’t, please reach out to via email and I’ll be happy to help: steffen@bleech.de

    I hear that you’re calling us out for team members leaving a review on our plugin. I thought this wouldn’t be a big thing, but should have known better. I’ll make sure to get them removed.

    I’m happy to hear about your excitement and hope we can win it back!

    Plugin Support steffenbew


    I learned that reviews cannot be deleted, but only be edited. I asked in the WordPress Slack #forums channel what would be the most appropriate way of dealing with this. I proposed reporting the reviews as spam and adding comments on each review to give context.

    A Workspace Admin told me that there’s no need to report them as spam, but we should edit the reviews to say they’re part of the company that made it, to clear up any misconceptions.

    That’s what I asked our team members to do now.

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