• I bought an enterprise license plus the valet service, and I wish I had read these reviews first. I have used many plugins and themes, and this is an incoherent mess. The support barely exists, and after months I am still trying to get this working. WTF?!

    They TRULY NEED TO UPDATE THEIR SUPPORT GUIDE. Good luck navigating that! Also, some how to videos would be helpful at least, since the current in-house support is so lacking. This is a great concept, but the execution is very poor.

    Edit: I am revising this to three stars, up from one. I don’t want get into a long discussion, but I would be happy to talk about my experience if anyone at Ignition Deck is interested. I think your product, when up and running is solid, but as mentioned previously, the support side needs work-especially because there seem to be important theme related differences that are not addressed in the materials. Also, one slight response every 24 hours is not enough. I’m sure you are slammed, but it is not adequate. I wish Ignition Deck well, and hope you can improve/augment you support.

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  • This valet was completely set up and the site owner was provided with documentation to prove that the site was working correctly. Further documentation was provided for taking their site live. All support inquiries were responded to in a timely fashion; screenshots and further documentation were provided. Whenever there was an issue, the support team provided additional assistance by logging into the site and fixing user errors made in entering shortcodes, menu set up, and other specific customisations that user was making on the site.

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    Not trying to start a flame war, but you need to know that your process is DIFFICULT. I have submitted tickets, paid for the valet service–and the site is still not operational. I certainly received responses to my tickets, but those responses were INSUFFICIENT. If you think that is good customer service, you really need to think hard about that.

    I would have loved to submit a positive review–truly. But I currently have no reason to–I still would like to say something positive. Please help me give a more positive review. I just want some real help getting the site working–and it is still not working… The help I have received has been minimal and greatly lacking. Please create a clearer user guide and some easy to follow video support. If you had that, this likely wouldn’t be a problem–and honestly, it not a lot to ask for.

    We understand that the process may be difficult for some users and we are continually working on providing further documentation and other materials. We are also working on improvements to the plugins to simplify and streamline the set up process. We are working to merge the product line, deprecate old and confusing technology, and releasing a more robust free version – much of this will be present in the next updates.

    The site was operational when it was handed over; we have provided specific instructions and screenshots to try to help you with the custom functionality you are trying to achieve. We are more than happy to continue to assist you with your site and that help is available on our support forums.

    I’m pretty upset with ignitiondeck also. I paid $450 up front thinking it’d be an all inclusive plugin. Come to find out, it expires after a year and you MUST renew your license for $200+ in order for you to continue using the plugin. I’m active duty military and I dont have the luxury of time to make the site and plugin work. At best I get a few weekends here and there to work on the project. By the time it’ll be done will be close to a year and guess what, my plugin subscription will be gone! Such BS.

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