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  • supervinnie40


    the plugin has a few small mistakes.

    country_name should be country-name (notice the -, in stead of the _ ).
    street_adress should be street-adress
    postal_code should be postal-code
    fax_number should be fax-number

    besides, it’s not clearly stated that “Facebook Page ID:” is NOT the same is “Numeric Facebook ID:”.

    also, the plugin doesn’t always translate the “like” button, for example on 1 of my sites (which is in dutch), is shows “like”, while the dutch word should be “vind ik leuk”.
    even when i used it in a german and french website, the “like” button wouldn’t translate.

    perhaps something that could be fixed in the future.
    all together, a nice plugin.
    just missing some details.

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