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  • When I install the plug-in “WPBadger,” I seem to be able to make badge awards. However, on my test, when I was directed to the Mozilla Project Badge Backpack after receiving notification of receiving a badge, I received an error message saying that the site’s assertion appears to be invalid.

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  • Plugin Author davelester


    Is is possible to share the link to your awarded badge? With that url, I’ll be able to take a look at the assertion file to see what’s going on.

    As a test recipient of a badge, here is the link I was sent:

    Plugin Author davelester


    Can you double-check that you’ve selected a specific badge to award from the drop down menu? I looked closer at your assertion file (which is here if you’d like to look at some JSON:, and the data for your badge is not listed there.

    Many thanks. I created another test badge that I was able to award, and then ultimately able to receive into my backpack. However, subsequent attempts to create test badges, award them, and then actually receive them have been misses. I’m not able to distinguish between why the one test works, and the others have not. I have been selecting the badge from the drop-down menu on the right.

    I inserted this piece of code into my functions.php file, which enabled me to avoid the “invalid assertions” error notice. The theme I’m using this with is “Currents” from WooThemes, updated within the last year.

    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’

    However, two other issues have popped up:
    1. While I select other awards in the drop-down menu, I’m only able to award one badge. I will send you this award URL separately.
    2. I have created 5 test badges, but only 3 can be displayed in the drop-down menu.

    Plugin Author davelester


    A few things:

    * The code you added to your theme enabled support for post-thumbnails, a feature that WPBadger requires. When you installed the plugin, you should have been notified of this.
    * The award you shared with me checks out, and is for the Guanxi Badge No. 2.
    * I’m a little puzzled by this problem of badges that aren’t appearing. Can you click the badges tab in the WordPress admin, and tell me how many total badges are listed? Also make sure that those badges are listed as “Published” and not “Drafts”.




    I am having assertion problems when trying to award a badge.
    When I first create a badge – do I use as featured image or insert into post? Either way, at this point should I be able to preview the badge – I cannot preview as it says that the page does not exist. Is this perhaps why when it comes to awarding – there is the assertion error?
    Any help would be great. Thanks

    Plugin Author davelester


    Use as featured image instead of inserting into the post. If the badge image has not been set as a featured image (FYI, it must also be a png image) then it will result in an assertion error.

    Hi there!

    Great work on the plugin Dave!

    I’m having a similar error message.

    I had a look at the json – the salt field is blank. Is this causing the error or could it be something else?

    I found this useful resource for checking the json

    and it was saying
    badge.version: Must be in the form of x.y or x.y.z

    So I went back and entered 1.0 – but WP adjusted that back to 1
    So then I entered 1.1 and it worked ok.

    Plugin Author davelester


    Great. For future reference of folks who may stumble upon this thread, the new URL for the badge validator is

    It’s correct that badge versions in the current version of the plugin must be x.x or x.x.x.

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