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  • I have decided to work on porting Andreas07 to WordPress, and I think it is ready for its first release.

    Check out my site: to get the details, and pick up a copy of WPAndreas07. I will do bug fixing today, and maybe tomorrow, and after that…It will have to wait until after the holidays, where I will hopefully be spending another few hours updating it and cleaning it up for a 0.2 release.

    My thanks go to all those that use it, and I am sure Andreas would be happy too.

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  • Sweet! Looking good… =) Before too long, all of Andreas’s templates will be converted LOL!! =)


    Nice one! the only suggestion I would make is that you make the top menu text larger. It is unconventionally smaller than the body text and I see you can spare space.

    What do you mean by the top menu text? 🙂 I appreciate all suggestions as I work on cleaning it up and making it even better for version 0.2.

    And Spencerp, I hope all of Andreas’ templates get converted, as well as some of the other OSWD designs.

    My fav Andreas finally converted *S*
    Thank you very much.

    Got it working, looks great.
    Even added the themeswitcher on the sidebar, now on the next sidebar items, allthough not to much space otherwise there will be an additional scrollbar ;-(

    Edited the footer a little to make it stand out more and added a horizontal line between posts to tidy the posts * S*

    I love your footer changes.

    As for the scrollbar thing… I think it might be from your countdown plugin…

    It apears automatically when I add too much to the sidebar…. Have to minimize the sidebar info to keep it from appearing *S* No problem, I still love it!!!

    I am viewing in a high resolution, but when I view in 1024×768 the countdown still is too much, even adding the theme switcher is too much… too bad.
    Have to find a way to fit that in hehe, fiddling with the style sheet!

    Well, that is an interesting problem. I will have to do some work because I know people are going to have more categories, and whatnot than screen space allows.

    Any ideas? Drop down menu in the content area or dropdowns in the sidebar?

    There has to be a way to make it all work and fit nice… I will work on it today, and tomorrow.

    hmmm, dropdown in the sidebar would be nice!
    Take a look, I took out everything to make it fit the 1024×768 resolution. Leaving the Themeswitcher in but removing the search option. And I decreased the margins in the stylesheet. It fits now, but if you could fix it so that people have more room it would be perfect!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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