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  • Hi All,
    I’m new to WordPress, but I’ve been looking for a blog solution to integrate with phpBB for a while. There are a number of people who are rolling their own blogging system, but I find that WP has some great features. I checked out serendipity, but it wasn’t easily integrated. Luckily, I think WP can be intergrated with phpBB fairly easily.
    I have started this process by getting WP to use phpBB’s user table. There are still a bunch of bugs, but you can login and post things. The user management stuff in WP doesn’t really work (you would probably use phpBB in this case anyway).
    I also develop over at In addition to making WP phpBB compliant, I’m going to break it apart into blocks for MX-System. MX-System is a modular portal for phpBB.
    Here’s the URL for the very early WP that supports phpBB logins:

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  • this could be the start of something already amazing 🙂

    Oooh, please keep me informed on this. I’ve been looking to do something similar for a while.

    Great, i suppose i have to check all 28 of march files to find your work, no?

    Yeah, a diff tool would be good 😉
    Let’s se… in wp-admin, there was the install, post, profile, auth, admin-header files at least
    the functions file in the includes directory and the wp-login file also had a lot of little tweaks.
    generally I changed the following WP -> phpBB attributes:
    user_login -> username
    ID -> user_id
    user_pass -> user_password
    Also phpBB stores passwords already md5’d, so changed login a little for that.
    phpBB also doesn’t have nickname, firstname, or last name, so when I get around to modifying that, I’ll probably change wp to just use username (formerly known as user_login) for everything

    I want to do the same with ipb.
    I think i’ll check all your modification and try to adapt for ipb.
    Angain thank you for your work.

    Looks like get_userdata is also a function in phpBB… not good, going to have to rename wp’s function to wp_get_userdata

    In case anyone else has the same problem:

    i solved it by modifying the phpbb files and renamed the two functions that conflict with WP.

    i used “grep” and “replace” command line utils to find and replace strings in multiple files.

    For example, i replaced get_userdata( with phpbb_get_userdata(.

    I found a conflict with the function make_clickable in the phpBB file “includes/bbcode.php”. I think all it does is identify when someone writes a url and makes it clickable. Apparently, WP has the same function. I didn’t need it in my message board so I commented it out, rather than renaming it and finding where it’s called. I also found a conflict with the board’s User Groups (something about a member object) so I commented out that link in the overall_header.tpl. Kind of slapdash I know, but as long as I don’t need the functions, it was the easiest thing to do so I could use my site’s header include with a menu managed by WP inside my message board’s template.

    oops, looks like I’ll have to replace get_userdata after all. still get an error when someone tries to post a topic.

    NativeMind — If I already have WP installed, I have to reinstall it to allow one login across WP and phpbb?

    laurim, Could you email your header code for the phpbb?

    Does anyone know how to make the Header.php for your theme on WP work with the forum?

    Id like the same header all though my site.. Ideas?



    I would like to integrate my WP Blog with phpBB … so members have to sign-in once, and one registration for all … with Comments on articles become treads at phpBB.

    Could someone help?

    Wilbur at has a plugin that does exactly what you want. It currently works flawlessly with WP 1.5, but he is still fixing the integration for WP 2.0. I use the plugin myself with 2.0 for having comments go into phpBB and all comments there, but still waiting for login integration. If that is important to you, use the plugin with WP 1.5 until this plugin is tweaked to work with 2.0


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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