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  • I just released WP-Cache 1.0 after serveral weeks of developing and testing:

    WP-Cache is extremely efficient WordPress hack –not a simple plugin– for page caching. It allows to serve hundred of times more pages per second, and to reduce the response time from several tenths of seconds to less than a millisecond.

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  • Testing now. Thanks.

    Ok. Im running WP 1.2.2 and It doesnt appear in the plugins area to activate. All other plugins I use work fine.

    Probably because it’s not a plugin.

    However it would be nice if it didn’t require changing core files. What if we put a file_exists call early in the wp-settings execution that could include a cache plugin if it existed? You’d only ever want one caching plugin at a time. Then a do_action() call later could catch CachePhase2().

    Then where do we insert the file?

    The instructions are on the linked blog.

    Do I look spanish/french to you or whatever language the site is in :S?

    The above link is the article –with instructions– in English. Or at least in my English (hint: I’m Spanish).

    Now its in English..;/

    Can a plugin add its self to $acceptableFiles

    like for instances

    $acceptableFiles[] = "wp-advanced-stats.php";

    suggestion :
    Instead or rewriting from scratch what already does exist, may be it would be a great idea to write a tutorial about how to use PEAR:Cache_Lite with WP

    My two cents

    Did you see the Wp-cache code?

    Do you know it re-uses code from Staticize?

    Do you is extremely optimized for WordPress?

    Do you know is fun (and easy) this kind of programming?

    Do you know I enjoyed programming it?

    Do you know we do it for fun?

    New version for WordPress 1.5, easier to install and configure:

    Ricardo –

    Glad to see you’ve updated for 1.5. Nice. But, at some point, you really should add some history description BACK into the code, since you based off of Staticize, and that had it’s own historical tracking of the work.

    Just a suggestion — since your message last month asked “Do you know it re-uses code from Staticize?”, and if it wasn’t that I hacked up my own version of Reloaded, no, I wouldn’t have had any idea that you had extended an existing work of code… 😉

    Keep the features coming!


    About release notes, yes, you’re right. I will add it soon.

    OTH, in the release notes of 1.0,, I explain the history and how is derivated from Staticize-reloaded, I also added a trackback to the original staticize-reloaded post.


    also – is there a reason you went the semaphore approach? That’d look to be something that isn’t always available to a particular php install. when I hacked up Reloaded for my own use, I added proper flock()s, but I know that there are certain OSes that apparently don’t respect flock (or just plain don’t implement it)… though I have never been told which ones. Adding flock solved all my issues during my slashdotting… 😉


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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