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  • I am just wondering if it’s possible to wrap wordpress around IPB forums so that I have wordpress’s Header, Footer, and sidebar visible while all the center content is removed and replaced with the IPB forums themselves. Basically my company is looking for a CMPS replacement (CMPS is NOT available for IPB) and none of the other products tried (e.g. MKPortal) made the cut. WordPress seems to have exactly what is required but I still need a way to navigate the forums without leaving wordpress.

    I have researched for a such a solution but could not find anything other than InvisionBridge (which appears to be dead since the author’s site’s domain has expired). Does anyone have any solutions or plugin suggestions? I don’t want to have to “try” and heavily modify WordPress’s or IPB’s source because I want to ensure a proper integration.

    Thanks in advance.

    NOTE: Putting IPB into an iframe on wordpress looks terribly ugly so that’s out of the question too.

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