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[Resolved] WordPress View Source

  • Ok so I have a primary domain for example obama.com on my shared hosting account. Whenever I create a new wordpress site say romney.com and once it’s all good and running, upon looking into romney.com source code, there are links showing http://obama.com/romney. I know that romney is in my obama directory, but how do I go about this to only show romney.com in my page’s source code? I think a reseller hosting plan will solve the problem as I would have to create 1 account per domain, but what if I don’t have a reseller hosting account?


    add-on domain: romney.com

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  • esmi


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    What urls did you enter in Settings -> General? Is the Romney site actually hosted on the Obama domain?

    The general setting can’t be changed I believe as this is the directory where the wordpress site is installed. Following my example, it will be http://www.obama.com/romney/wordpress which can be pointed to the desired domain http://www.romney.com.

    I think there is really no way to solve this problem other than exclusively having one hosting account for one WordPress site.

    The general setting can’t be changed

    Really? They can on my sites. I’ve never seen a site where it’s been “blocked” for that. Unless… Are these Network sites? (Like a multi-site single install) If that’s the case, then you would most likely have to have super-admin access to be bale to change the URL.

    Are you sure about this? I’ll try it out then.

    It worked. I should have tried it out in the first place. I’m so dumb. LOL! Thanks mate.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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