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  • Hello,
    I’m brand new to WP and I’m having trouble finding info about the meaning of various version numbers. I’m looking at a plugin that is only compatible up to v3.2.1. Is that version still supported and would it be a mistake to “downgrade” in order to be able to us it? There does not seem to be a similar plug in that is compatible with 3.3
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Wayne, if a plugin is compatible up to 3.2.1 then it has possibly been tested up to that version, WordPress is on 3.3.1 at present so there is no guarantee it will work, personally I would avoid it, unless of course you’re running a test version somewhere to try it out.
    Its never a good idea to downgrade, and always best to use the latest version, especially as it will contain the latest security updates.
    Good luck with using WordPress

    Thanks Mike, appreciate the input.



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    Whilst mikey1 is correct – in theory – I am using at least 1 plugin that is only listed as being compatible up to WP 2.5. And it works just fine. Not all plugins are updated with every release of EP because, quite simply, they don’t need to be updated. And updating a plugin in SVN just to change the compatibility version number is not a good idea. So it’s not quite as black & white as mikey1 suggests.

    Glad to see Waynes post had some input. I’m also using some plugins from back in the wordpress 2.5 days, however theyre always tested on an up to date test version first. Sadly because WordPress has deemed to remove the Recently updated section from plugins its virtually impossible to know easily, most plugin developers are also not making previous versions available so rolling back now is not an option, my biggest concern recently has really been the number of people I deal with who leave old deactivated plugins in place. From experience I know these can be the ideal way for unwanted scripts to get in, if you don’t want your site hacked, always delete old plugins, just my honest opinion.

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    most plugin developers are also not making previous versions available so rolling back now is not an option

    Yeah, they’re using SVN ‘wrong’ IMO when they do that :/

    You could troll SVN to roll back if needed, but that’s why you’re supposed to correctly bag and tag your versions, devs!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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