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  • I am using v1.1.1 of the stats plugin. Since I installed it (on the 30th of January), the statistics I see on have been odd, to say the least.

    I realise that what I see on stats does not include my own page views, so those stats ought to be lower than the total views.

    Here are the stats thus-far for February via

    Here are the stats for the same period from my host:

    For example, thinks that my “Beaten to the punch” post has seen 13 hits, but my host reports 3 views (1 entry, 1 exit).

    What appears (to me) to be happening is that is recording hits to several posts against just one post.

    As another example, my site gets aggregated here: When someone clicks on the link on that page, they come through to the post-specific page on my site. stats are recognising as the referrer, but not the post-specific page as a hit. Here is a specific example:

    Notice that yesterday I got two referrals from I only had two articles listed on the ozpolitics feed yesterday: “Idle Curiosity” and “Sweating the small stuff”, neither of which is listed as getting a hit in yesterday’s posts.

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  • Just to pre-empt a question or two:

    • I currently have installed WP v2.3.2 (but with xml-rpc.php updated), K2 RC4 and stats v1.1.1
    • I have already confirmed that I have <?php wp_footer(); ?> in my footer.php just before </body>.
    • I have confirmed that I am getting the little smiley at the base of the the entire page, both on the home page and for each post
    • What I am experiencing seems very similar to this post, but if I’m reading it correctly, it was already fixed?
    • My blog is here:


    John B.

    Update: I am almost certain that it is putting hits against the wrong posts. Evidence (proof?):

    This post is number 113. As proof, here is an image of the edit form – note the address at the top.

    But when I view the source for that page (a full text here), I see that it is putting the hit against post number 96. This is the final section:

    <script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    var load_cmc = function(){linktracker_init(1094985,96,2);};
    if ( typeof addLoadEvent != ‘undefined’ ) addLoadEvent(load_cmc);
    else load_cmc();


    When I go to my stats on, it is indeed only post number 96 that got the hit. In this image, I had my mouse hovering over the graph button for “Bankers’ pay”, which is post 96 as you can see in the status bar at the bottom.


    In case anybody looks at old, unresolved issues …

    I seem to have been experiencing the same trouble as the people in this thread.

    Following the suggestion from that thread by Otto42 to remove the “Recent Posts” widget, my problem has indeed fixed itself.

    So, there you go: Get rid of your “Recent Posts” widget until they fix it.

    well done for finding a solution. sorry i didn’t see it as i am new, but it’s a shame you had to find a solution on your own

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