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  • I have upgraded my blog ( )to wp 2.5 and my stats show me 0 page views since then.

    i deactivated the plug-in, deleted it from server, re-uploaded it there, enabled, entered the API Key…but i have the same problem. What should i do?

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  • I’m having the same problem since upgrading to 2.5. But, the info for the stats plugin does say it’s only compatible up to 2.3alpha. So I guess that would explain why it’s not working for us 2.5ers. Guess we’ll just have to wait until they release a new version which is compatible with 2.5. Heres to hoping that will be soon… *crosses fingers*

    I haven’t upgraded to 2.5 yet but I noticed that the Stats plugin stopped working last week for me. It just shows 0 visits each day.

    The same problem here, stats stopped here halfway 2008-04-19. I use wp 2.5 but it worked a while, untill…

    Glad I’m not the only one. Stats stopped reading for me two days ago, but the stats from this plugin are significantly lower than the stats given on both my internal stat counter and SiteMeter.

    I noticed that as of last night at 7pm, when the stats log starts a new day, my hits have stayed at 0. I checked the recent log on my server and see many hits so I know that nothing is up there but the stat counter has just died.

    Since this is a third party plugin and the guy on his site says he doesn’t really support it, what is to become of this?

    Who else can we notify or push to resolve this or get info on when it will be working again?


    I’m encoutering the same problem since the 16th of April. I upgraded to WP 2.5 and installed a plugin called wassup. after that, I installed another plugin for google analytics. The next day I noticed the WP-Stats showing nothing whereas the other two plugins showed me details of the traffic to my website. I reinstalled the plugin but it fails to work.

    Of all the things that have gone wrong with my 2.5 upgrade, the stats weren’t one of them. This is the plug in I am using. I had tried a different one previously, but found it a bit quirky.

    Hope it helps. Maybe you are all using a different plug in?

    My WordPress Stats worked just great with 2.5 but now with the upgrade to 2.5.1 it has stopped working entirely and the link to the stats does not even show up in my dashboard.

    I also deleted the plugin, re-installed and re-entered my API key to no success.

    I have this in the footer of my theme

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    It still does not work.

    I may go back to 2.5 if I cannot get this solved.

    The <?php wp_footer(); ?> works for me!

    I had the same problem on my main site and this fix solved it . The Illacrimo Theme I’d just switched to didn’t have the line in the footer…

    However, another of my sites, my wife’s, still doesn’t collect stats and it hasn’t for a while. I always suspect it is a WordPress ID thing as I’d changed the ID for her own after I’d initially set it up. Her new theme includes the line in the footer so it’s not that problem. However, it’s low down on the priorities to fix!

    I, like others, naturally assumed the fault was the WP2.5 upgrade, but I actually tried a few new plugins and themes at the same time. So the moral is that I broke the cardinal rule of:

    one change – test – another change – test – etc

    Unfortunately same problem. After upgrade to 2.5.1 from a 2.5 the plugin was broken. In main dashboard, appear a request of username and password in the stats area, and also i try to enter them, the response is always “Incorrect password”.

    So any idea?

    I have the similar problem. My stats in this is not working while in other portal it is working fine.

    For informaticamente, it is asking the username password of your account (from where you took the API key) and not the other wordpress a/c. Hope this helps.

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