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  • I want to build a CMS-site round a “publishing engine”. I’m quite familiar with PHP and want to add my own code for banner advertising, buy-and-sell etc.
    I’ve looked around and finally ended up – WP or Txp? Some say WP is better as a blogging tool, some say Txp is better for a CMS.
    Thankful for your opinion on which to choose!

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  • It depends on what kind of content you plan on putting on the site. Some people like Textpattern’s implementation of pages better than the WordPress’, but I haven’t used Textpatter, so I can’t comment directly. Alex King wrote up a bit on his experience using WordPress as a CMS. Also, if you really want a more full-fledged CMS, you should look at Drupal.

    I would go Drupal or TXP as a CMS option – Drupal is a little more heavy but allows for a lot more details.

    You can also try the semilogic plugin for WP as a sort of CMS job, it may also serve your needs.

    I’d agree with what you’ve been told already; although 1.5 moved WordPress in more of a CMS direction, Textpattern always looks to me as if it was conceived that way from the start. Install both (neither should take more than five minutes to set up), play around with them and decide which suits your project best.

    I’ve started working on a site here ( that uses WP as a CMS. It’s working great so far. Plugins are beautiful.

    I didn’t like that Textpattern injects code with content. I don’t know how big of a problem this is with TP, but it was enough for me to switch to WordPress. I looked at/installed quite a few different CMS options (mambo, plone, TP, etc.) and almost passed WP by because the last time I’d looked at it was 1.2. All those other options I mentioned inject code as well. I’ve fallen in love with WP 1.5 however — I think it’s perfect for moderately sized CMS use.

    And WordPress doesnt inject code in content? And CSS in php files?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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