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  • Hello i am using wordpress multisite network. as my multisite network url is and the site url is so whenever i write it redirects mw to with this error
    Greetings Network Administrator! The network currently disallows registrations. To change or disable registration go to your Options page.
    Registration has been disabled.

    I don’t want this redirection. I want the user to stay on the with an error that page doesn’t exist.
    Please give a fix on it.

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  • hey ayu1,

    Are you saying that your website URL is and subdomain site URL is

    In a multisite network, there is only one main site others site are subdomain site.

    In Network settings page, Registration is disabled. So you are getting the message for disallowing registrations.

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    I have mapped domain and yes registration is disabled and i know and what i want is already posted above. So please read carefully. If anyone can help then please.

    hi there,

    The problem looks like rewrite rules in .htaccess file.

    Please check .htacess file for redirection.

    Maybe there is a rule in your .htaccess that forces subdomain to the primary domain?

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    Please stop giving ultimately stupid answers. If you don’t know about multisite network and domain mapping then please don’t invest your time here.

    Please stop giving ultimately stupid answers.

    @ayu1: Your attitude is rude and disrespectful. You are actually discouraging people from helping you.

    Please remember that WordPress is free, and the help you get on this forum is free. Because this help is free, you can’t dictate who helps you or what kind of help you get. Please read the forum rules, and try to remember that most people who respond to you are genuinely trying to help you. Remember, you couldn’t figure this out, and you actually have access to your site and the code involved.

    I understand how frustrating these issues can be. (I’ve been there myself, as have most of us.) If this is urgent, and you are not satisfied with the help you can get here, I suggest trying

    @khushbu1983: Thanks for helping out. Please don’t be discouraged by this experience.

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    Hello ayu1,

    My intention was to help you out as it seems you were in a frustrating situation.

    @kjodle: I am here to involve with WordPress and continue to do it. Thanks for inspiring me.

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    Hey @khushbu1983 first I would like to thank you for investing your here. I am sorry for being rude to you, my intention was not to hurt you. I am sorry again.
    Thanks for trying to help me.

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