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  • Hello Guys,

    Hope you are doing well. My question is how we can migrate wordpress website from local host to live server? i tried it for my website named Blogzy Media from All-in-one Wp Migration plugin but not worked. Please give me the solution to migrate site from local to liver server.

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  • Hey, I haven’t done this for a while, but the following manual process provide a simple migration:

    1. Ensure local and remote WordPress versions match.
    2. Ensure you have the same themes / plugins installed in each location. You can upload the contents of the wp-content directory from local to remote to achieve this.
    3. Export content from the local environment via Tools → Export.
    4. Import content to the remote environment via Tools → Import.

    That will take care of content / themes / plugins.

    For a more comprehensive experience that includes things like settings and users you’ll need to export/import the entire database using a tool like PHPMyAdmin. It’s probably easier to use a plugin. Did you try posting in the All-in-One WP Migration support forum?

    Hi @thelovelist
    Maybe you got error in importing.
    Please share the screenshot.

    Kashif Ali




    Hi, WP migration Tool should have work. But it seems that if the file size is big (sometime if more than 200mb) it may not work as your hosting server blocks the bigger file upload.

    On this situation, what I do is, I make a backup on the new site to identify where wp migration tool stores its backup file. Probably it is inside wp-content and a folder named to it. When the backup location is identified, as I don’t need current backup, delete it and upload the old sites wp migration backup file there via cPanel or “File manager” plugin.

    Now, You will find the backup on wp migration tools backup page. Now, try to restore from this file, and it may work as it has skipped the file upload restrictions.

    To transfer the WordPress site from local to live first, check the version used on both servers and update to the same version. Then on the local site download the customizer export plugin and go to the customizer area to export the customizer data from the theme, then download the widgets exporter plugin and export widgets from the dashboard. Then on live site download the same plugins and import the wie and xml files exported then after that refresh the site should be migrated from local to live site.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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