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  • So I’ve downloaded WordPress, set up an account and recently found how to access my dashboard….Where’s all the information for the dashboard? All I have is the option to update my account…


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  • Moderator Steve Stern


    It doesn’t sound like you’ve logged in as an administrator. Do you have “add new” on the toolbar at the top?

    What do you mean “where’s all the information”? Are you being presented with a blank screen?

    If you are looking for an overview of the Dashboard and it’s features, the WordPress Codex is the best place to start (as with all things WordPress).

    They feature a screenshot of a standard Dashboard there. Does that look similar to yours? If not, can you describe it more or take a screen shot and post it here?

    Hey Steve, I wasn’t aware that only admins had additional options for their dashboard, thought it was automatic after creating an account.

    homemadejam, no all that’s available on my dashboard are the “Collapse” window and “Profile”.

    Moderator Steve Stern


    It sounds like something went wrong. You could mess around with this for a while, but it might just be easiest if you delete the database and start over.

    I see…

    Do you mean, deleting this account or is something else involved?

    *sorry, newbie in a professional world* lol

    Moderator Steve Stern


    Since you never put anything into the site, delete the database and run the install again.

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    Hi there @kerwinkels02

    Something just does not sound right to me. This is what is throwinng me off:

    option to update my account…

    As far as I know, there is no update my account setting or text within the Dashboard other than in the profile page, which is not what is first seen when you initially log into a WordPress site.

    Would you mind expanding a little bit more on the steps you took?

    Thanks Steve, I may look into that, not sure at the moment.

    Hey Jose,
    So far, I’m only able to access my dashboard when I select the Developers link at the bottom of this site but I only see update profile settings and the collapse menu…nothing else is showing. But when selecting the Developers link, it take me to a page that says, “Thank you for updating to WordPress 4.9” but I haven’t done that.



    I’m a bit confused on what you are trying to achieve exactly. So let’s clear the topic a bit so we can help you out.

    First of all there is no ‘4.9’ version the latest stable is 4.8 [ maybe that was a type mistake ].

    You say you downloaded WordPress and set up an account. You mean you downloaded the zip and installed WordPress in a localhost environment server ( like xampp ) or somewhere online?

    Having an account here on has nothing to do with a WordPress Installation.

    To access ‘your’ installation as an admin you have to go to for example ‘’ ( is the address of the server you actually installed your WordPress on ) and login with the information that you entered during WordPress setup.

    This website here is a different story and you won’t find any ‘admin dashboard’ as we are all simple users reading a forum let’s say.

    I think you got confused somewhere or I understood something wrong from your post.

    Best regards,

    Moderator Steve Stern


    So far, I’m only able to access my dashboard when I select the Developers link at the bottom of this site

    I think you’re logging into (i.e., these forums). That’s not your website. Follow Konstantinos’ advice!

    You can follow the link for steps to install the WordPress.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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