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  • we want to conduct a test for each and every category we had in my wordpress blog. im trying to create a portal for education for children.
    1. only registered member will take this quiz/test.
    2. The scores/points will be maintained in every members profile who takes test. And not saying just pass or fail instead i want grade A,B,C.
    3. choose single any one answer
    choose multiple answer
    textbox to write down as answer
    4. level 1(easy), level 2(medium), level 3(hard) test heirarchy model needed.
    5.the plugin should take quiz questions from post itself for eg: if i have “5+5” in my post, i wanted that to be one of my question for that category, Questions can be prepared for each post by own (like in Quizzin plugin).
    6. customizable question template and customizable answer template needed. bec i want to add fill ups, jumping words, odd one out, write sentence without mistake, write in ascending order..
    7. Atlast i need comment template.

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