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  • Another query regarding the user ‘WordPress’ (/wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=0) activity.

    Quite a few pages and categories were removed yesterday, Activity Monitor is showing

    WordPress deleted [postname] on [website]

    There is no reference of them in the database, all rows have been removed including the original and revisions.

    Does anyone know what might be the cause? A dodgy plugin perhaps or hack? I guess for Activity Monitor to pick up changes it has to be done via the WordPress admin and not directly in the database?

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  • I have the same problem

    Saw this a little late.
    You can always review your raw website logs to see which IP addresses accessed /wp-admin/

    Same here. WordPress user is ID# 0.

    WordPress has updated their profile.

    but no mention of this user logging in first.

    Deleting daily. Access logs show only me getting in. I have this on 8 sites. This one isn’t public yet or I should say no links are out yet as I’m still building.

    But I’ll have no site left in a week

    The messages should be of WordPress cleaning up old posts.

    The next version should not have any such messages.

    The site posts are 2 months old or less and should NEVER expire, I now have to spend hours doing research to try to recreate them. How do I get the remaining posts to stay put???

    I’m not quite sure what is happening. “WordPress” is user 0 which means no user is logged in when the activity is logged.

    Log says, “2013-10-20 16:14:50
    Wordpress deleted ‘Goods’ on Site Name”

    I click on WordPress
    “Invalid user ID.”

    If I click the post, it is not there BUT some earlier deletions show when I click their name. But I’ve lost many posts.

    WordPress logged out from Site
    975 14 hours ago
    Wordpress logged out from Site

    How can an invalid user ID log out if not logged in? Why is it logging out and deleting topics? I’m losing my site by these deletions

    Hmmm…you guys aren’t running WordPRess off a large multi-site WordPress installation (some hosts may do this)? Because ThreeWP Activity Monitor is multi-site aware and can track activity across the network of a WordPRess multi-site install and thus may be showing activity occurring across the entire network and not just for your site.

    But reading more closely, if you’re seeing deletions of your actual content, then your site is likely hacked and this codex article applies:

    I have it installed on each site individually.

    Hacks won’t show as WordPress deleting I don’t think. Hackers won’t delete a few posts here or there, they would delete it all. They would spam their garbage, remove plugins, change the header, toss in exploitive code and exploits

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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