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  • shellytumbleson


    Hi all.

    I’m taking the plunge and have decided to take my 8 year+ old journal and convert it to WordPress. Yea, me. So far i’m relatively happy. I tweak the CSS, add some plugins and widgets and things look pretty nice thus far.

    But here’s the next stage in my challenge: okay, i have my top menu- when i add a PAGE (not a POST), that page shows up at the top as a navigation item. Okay. Got it. I can add a PAGE and associate it with the first page and now i have a sub item under the original page. Perhaps that behavior is template dependent; i don’t know. Here’s what i’m looking to create- Let’s say i start a new section called ‘music’. I want to use it for CD reviews. The problem is that i don’t want dozens and eventually hundreds of CD titles showing up as sub titles under my PAGE entry.

    What i’d LIKE to see is that i have a Page titled ‘music’ and when i click on that, i basically have another blog type format with recent reviews and archived reviews on the right- basically i’d like to be able to create sub blogs for some of the pages i create.

    Does that make sense? Is it doable or am i smoking WordPress v3 crack?

    thank you,

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  • Roy


    Don’t use pages for that. You can either use the “blogroll”/”links” part and put that in your header to link to categories, or have multiple WP installations link to eachother (using the “blogroll”). I do that very thing. Look here. The first links in the header are pages, as you can see when you hover over them. Then follows a link to a category (“blog”) and then links to other sections. The links that are not pages I made using the “blogroll”.

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