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    I am running the latest wordpress on a multisite and been running it for years. With growing experience though more and more fancy options come up where wordpress just stands in the way.

    I don’t write clean code, but what the autoformat is jsut doign realyl weird stuff at times, e.g.

    <span><select id="itemcat" onchange='itemcat()'>
    	<option value="1">Items</option>
    </select></span><span id="dd1"><select id="1" name="1" onchange='getskcode()'><option value="" selected="selected"></option>
    	<option value="39be5">Ultimate Healing Potion</option>

    and autoformat turns it into

    <span><br />
    <select id="itemcat" onchange='itemcat()'>
    <option value="1">Items</option>
    <p></span><span id="dd1"><br />
    <select id="1" name="1" onchange='getskcode()'>
    <option value="39be5">Ultimate Healing Potion</option>

    I find that a bit weird and saw posts like “Turn visual editor off!” and in fact I did for this example. Why can’t we have an option to just disable this for a post with a lot of customization, without having to use an extra plugin for it. Or am I overlooking something?

    Thanks for feedback


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