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  • I am looking to have the ability to place images from coppermine into wordpress posts. I have seen the plugin but it doesn’t work and seemes to be for WP v1.2. Is there one out there for 1.5 or is there a way to make the other one work? Anyone have any ideas?

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  • i just link the picture I want in my img quicktags tags…

    So do I. It’s really quick. I also have a small Coppermine Gallery linked from the sidebar.

    I’ve found that scaling an image to 600 pixels wide is just about right for a Kubrick-like layout.

    Thanks guys for the replys. I will stick with that for now.

    I use psnGallery2 to post pictures from my Coppermine gallery in posts. Version 1.4.0.A1 is a beta version that works fine in WP 1.5


    I use Coppermine Fetch to pull images into my WP 1.5 layout. You can get that code here: Coppermine Fetch . It’s fairly easy to get to work, and has a good deal of configuration options. You can check out how I have it in my page here: Fistabull’s Flatulations .

    I too use coppermine fetch when i want to display a random image or last upload from a gallery outside of coppermine, but when linking a particular image, i just code it with the img tags….

    Ahhh, didn’t read the initial post closely enough. NM 🙂

    yeah i am setting this up for some one else who is not as net savy. i was looking for a way to have a button that would open up a list of the images in the coppermine gallery and then insert the the thumb nail and the link into the post.

    i am not a good enought coder to figure it out myself. but i might need to take a crack at it.

    try mine… psngallery2

    idahocline – I have installed y ou plugin but i am having some issues. First is the link in the plugin page to confugure the values has the “wp-content” left out of the url.
    ex. : wordpress/plugins/psnGallery2.php

    I have commented out the line 47 that gives errors but i still get error on 97 ever after replacing the line with the one in the comments on your site. How do i fix these errors?

    I get the same errors, it’s too much of a pain to get working, so I’m currently looking for another alternative…

    @ Philipeep: How you link the images from Coppermine gallery into your blog?

    shahram_77 he uses Coppermine Fetch

    Added Coppermine Fetch (cpmfetch) calls to my WordPress sidebar using the standard block of cpmfetch code. The images load, but it seems to hose WordPress’s access to my database. That is, all of my WP sidebar content fails to load whenever I add the cpmfetch code. No one else seems to be having this problem… any ideas?

    include "../cpmfetch/coppermine.php";
    $objCpm = new cpm("/gallery");

    its easier to just add your template header to you cpg template.html file

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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