• I have registered for an account and have the plugin installed on my site, as well as downloaded the app. However I don’t see anything on my WordPress site. How do you get it to embed on the site?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    If you look at your WordPress Dashboard please click the menu point “Hapity” inside settings menu, and Enter Your Auth ID on it.
    Also please see http://www.hapity.com/help

    Hapity Team

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    thanks for the reply … I posted this support Q 5 months ago … needless to say the plugin is long gone from my client website now.

    I am taking a stab at this plugin now. What shortcode do I use to get this onto a page or post? I don’t see a widget I can use, so I’m assuming a shortcode is necessary? My auth code was entered as directed, and the plugin is set to “enabled”. Now I just need to get it onto a page or post so others can view my livestream.

    Found the answer in the downloadable wordpress installation guide on the website’s help page. Apparently this plugin creates a new post each time you begin a new livestream. The post contains the name of the livestream and anything such as pictures etc you may have included. Close to what I’m after, but just missing what I need by a hair.

    Looking forward to trying this and the update in May šŸ™‚

    Temporarily Hapity is only live streaming from Mobiles and not PCs.

    This is due to Flash becoming obsolete.

    An update in late May 2020 will again permit broadcasting from a PC without Flash

    I am very happy with Hapily! No charges, just free!! And it works really smooth!
    It works really simple, live record with your phone or just upload a recorded videofile to your Hapily account and embed the file to a website page on your website.

    Things thas coudl improve this product:

    – Adding a shortcode like [hapily_live_videos], or [hapily_prerecorded_videos], or [hapily_archived_videos].
    Anyway just not to have to embed the videos yourself on the website.
    – Maybe the posibility to use a password, so that only invited people can watch a live stream.

    Thanks Hapily!

    Olivier van Liempt

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