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  • After a few years using WordPress and being happy with the whole thing, in my humble opinion is time start integrating important functionality provided by plugins onto the core, from content restriction to visual editors, from enhanced image galleries to more advanced post types.

    Right now I have twenty something plugins that do, some of them, tiny things to improve the workflow that arguably should be in the core toolset. This fragmentation can only be a recipe for disaster when things get complicated and you end up having to go down some very strong paths to control things that should be easy to do.

    For example, I use UNDSGN theme in combination with Restrict Content Pro, both really fantastic but, the workflow in RCP does not really take advantage of the theme and some bits are duplicated ending up in funny situations. Moreover, the look and feel on RCP needs to be hacked into submission to feel anything like the theme and I don’t expect a general solution coming from them but I do think this should be something WordPress should handle more gracefully.

    Same for statistics, multi-language, feature image control, tagging and categorising things in bulk, integration with Dropbox, etc.. everything is starting to look like Babels tower.

    SO… my request would be to rethink all this and make sure you do like Apple does, integrate features from developers into the core because the needs are changing and this is no longer just a blog game, but a CMS game and a very sophisticated one.

    I hope it makes sense… nevertheless I want to thank the WP team who do an amazing job, I am sure it is not easy.


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  • Yep,
    Trying to create a site, where all functions can be handled from FrontPage has been very challenged task. Managed so far about 90% functionality with correct plugins. My wish is that Admin-panel is for configuration and settings only. Admin resources are needed only for site management.
    Moving forward from blog game, to members game brings out more usability to WordPress.
    For example Ultimate Member and Suiteplugins are great examples for direction where to go.


    FYI, WordPress 5.0 will be the version after WordPress 4.9. We don’t consider “major” versions in that way. Every version of WordPress is “major” and equally important. WordPress 5.0 will be just as important as 4.8 is.

    I didn’t know that but now that you highlight it I do wonder why use point nomenclature then? seems you should call it v49 rather, don’t you think?

    Anyway, semantics apart, my interest is in seeing the beloved WP evolve, not only as an amazing engine, but a full feature set rather than a very fragmented environment. I hope it makes sense.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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