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  • I have made some minor testing on Pages on our network, and it seems that the plugin works as expected just by changing the QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION define to 3.7 in qtranslate.php.

    like jims@jims says. Update qtranslate.php and no problems here.

    @qTranslate developer

    If it is compatible with WP 3.7 Please, make the update ASAP to avoid of putting hands in your php files for the sake of the plugin stability.

    1- I suggest to make this trick of changing the version in qtranslate.php before upgrading to WP 3.7 avoiding of the plugins deactivate.
    2- In case the plugin has already deactivated because you installed WP 3.7 it takes a long task to change it. It happened to me last time after upgrading to WP 3.6.
    In this case, You must delete it first. Go to permalink, re-save. Clean the browser cache and eventually super-cache plugin.
    Then change qtranslate.php in notepad or similar and re-install it via FTP the plugin. Refresh your plugin page and it has to work again. It’s a longer way but it worked for me.
    Maybe can be useful to someone.


    sorry – duplicate post – please delete

    @piggy1 & @jims – We did not ask how to patch it. With all due respect, please make another thread if yo want to discuss that.

    900,000 people should not have to patch a plugin to get it to work every time core has a minor update, no matter how small the patch is.

    Thank you, jims@jims, Piggy1, wocmultimedia for the tips to make it works while the plugin author is (I hope) working on the official update.

    I have concern here regarding new WP feature of “auto update” the core files. I don’t want to encounter this problem everytime wordpress auto updating core files. Could this plugin author think some ways to make us (non-developer) to not deal with the same problem on every wp update, please?

    Cant make it work. Made the changes to qtranslate.php but its not showing up in plugins in wp-admin. Uploaded through FTP. Installing through wp-admin fails on install.

    Can someone confirm if this plugin is now compatible with Version 3.7?

    Thanks a lot

    Hello jims@jims,

    Thank you for your QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION tips.
    Even it’s not that clean, it will do the job waiting the plugin to be officially ready for WP 3.7.



    It is not working on 3.7 unless you want to patch it yourself.

    There have been over 900,000 downloads, but this author won’t even let anyone help him to update the official version.

    Hi guys

    WP 3.7 and qT 2.5.37 are not compatible. Have look what I experienced (link) after having updated to 3.7 – now I changed back to WP 3.6.1 since under these circumstances qT works properly and the expected way.

    Having adjusted the QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION in qT 2.5.36 to force it being compatible with WP 3.6.1, I got the same PHP errors like described in the link below. The qT update to revision 37 fixed everything, the PHP errors do not appear anymore. That proves that adjusting QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION is only a woraround, it does not solve the actual problem. Some of you do not get these PHP errors as it’s likely that your PHP configuration forces PHP warnings to become suppressed.


    What a pity…


    Hi with setting it manual to work with 3.7 id dit work fine with me.
    But nog go at all with 3.7.1 !

    I can make it work in WP 3.7.1 with workaround like jims@jims said.

    @ taniav : hi ah great, but did you update last night to wp 3.7.1 ?
    3.7 worked ok but not 3.7.1 really strange….

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