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    I feel like once I fix one problem, I get eight more.

    I THOUGHT I had fixed a sidebar issue in IE, but it’s still recurring on certain pages. So no problem here (About), but the sidebar still drops here (Finds).

    And? And, in Firefox most pages look fine and the container background is fine. Except on permalink pages, like this one: Pressing the Faires.

    Any suggestions? What on earth am I doing to myself here?

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  • There are definitely css validation errors. Perhaps if you look into these, you will fix your problems. I don’t see anything wron with the Pressing the Faires page in FF.

    I’ve gone through what seemed to be relevant validation errors and none of them fixed the problem. I ended up deleting the index.php, single.php, and the sidebar and re-uploading them all over again.

    I think it may have been a link to Technorati that was messing it up, although I am soooo not sure.

    Of the validation errors left, are any of those necessary to fix?

    Thank you so much!

    when working on sites like this, I like to get everything in terms of html/xhtml and css clean and valid, this way when I need to make changes, enhancements, etc, I know that my basic code is valid, thus ruling that out as an issue, and eliminating most cross browser relates problems automatically.

    if you really want to clean up your theme/site, here are a couple of links to get you started –

    and for the css, here’s a report on that as well –

    to get the most out of your css, I have found that using the “long hand” method of coding, and using “standards compliant” methods, you can accomplish all of the same things, and avoid most of the problems.

    one other thing, i almost forgot, check your style sheet, it looks like your last declaration (a img i think) was missing the closing bracket, so I couldn’t even run the style check at first. a missing bracket could have unpredictible results in almost any browser.

    Chradil, that missing bracket helped a lot. I didn’t realize it was missing.

    The site looks a thousand times better in IE and Firefox, I’ll be working on cleaning up the code even more. Your comments about being able to rule the code out as a problem makes a lot of sense. I’m not excited about doing it longhand all the time, but I’d rather have it look normal than the way it was.

    Thank you so much for your keen eye and for the links!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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